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Poor Iggy - a lame attempt at best that on it's surface backfires as Iggy comes out looking more like Chuck than Harper does - You can almost smell the fear coming from the LPT right now and all it does it make them look weaker than they already are and that folks is death for a political party in canada - as canadians we have 2 types of leaders boneheads and bast#rds and Iggy by making Harper look like the latter only paints himself the former ! see you at the polls if the liberals are not just talking big like usual !

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Ever since Harper brutalized the Liberals and became PM - the former once mighty natural governing party has used the same tactics each time expecting a different result and by definition this is ' insane ' I think it a accurate and reasonable conclusion to diagnose the party as suffering from a form of insanity - a sort of collective delusion that it can arrange everything in secret and behind closed doors and not respond to it's grassroots - the problem of course is that the party is devoid of any reason to be there outside of the incessant search for the faux scandal a day dujour - how often have we seen any policy debate of any kind come from the party = 0 ... all we hear from the LPT is evil meanie stevie and his hidden agenda - which is hilarious because if there is one thing Harper does very well is hit his opponent square on and in front of everyone - watching Harper play whackamole with the leadership of the Liberals has been a true pleasure and I look forward to more of the same - the best part is that I know of more Liberals who want an election .. not because they think they can win BUT it is the ONLY way to get rid of their current leader = hahahahahahahaha!

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nope - doesn't work as it sounds more like a cross between Dion and Iggy as Charlie is definitely a prototype liberal no way you could consdier this guy a conservative.

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Perfect NDP response and very well played indeed ... a perfect squeeze play and sets the stage for more to come. Here we have Harper on one side clearly after stuffing the Senate as he has and attempting change from the inside to be an elected House with term limits and Jacko on the other side recomending abolishment - and what's left how can the LPT even comment as all they would be seen as more hypocriticial than usual.

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You are so right !!!! can ypu imagine how Iggy would respond ... anyone and I mean anyone who responds in any way that the BLOQ would have any say in any way to a coalition is in effect guaranteeing harper a majority - there would be a pushback from out west here like you could not believe - sometimes I think easterners just don't get it.

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hahahahahah ! what a way to make Stevie boys day - quick soemone ask Iggy or jack what they think? - ROFL!!!

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hahahahah - it owld be like Goldhawk on steroids :)

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People might just pay attention to Iggy if he promised to do this in his OWN PARTY !!!! - I know as I am old grassroots worker for the Liberal party and know how it treats it drones - which is to say like nothing. Maybe Iggy - just in case you read this post - MAYBE if you and your party actually got together and had a real leadership convention and actually answered a few questions from your own CAUCUS !!!! you might be taken seriously or at the very least with just a little credibility.

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No Way ! the LPT is doing everything in it's power to keep Iggy out of the media as that is the only way to keep his numbers where they are - every time he opens his mouth he sounds condescending and pedantic so they are sending him out to lots of meetings where he can talk to his supporters which are not too hard find nowadays as they are the only ones huddling in the corner hanging out clicking thumbs down to conservative posts in web forums :)

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Wow - it's amazing how many people just don't get it - what we are witnessing right now is a result of a coalition - that's right folks the CPC is one of the primary consequences of pursuing a coalition in that sometimes - not always BUT a fair amount of the time - they result in a merger and just as the Reformers, Alliance and Progressives were merged by Harper (no small feat there folks - can anyone honestly imagine Iggy trying to control the LIB-NDP hahahahaha) ... let's say the Lib's - NDP - BLOQ actually form a coalition - how many people want to bet that giant splits would start to occur and then only someone with machiavellian tendencies like another Harper would be able to put humpty dumpty back together again - check out England right now and those wanting a coaltion might just think again :)