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Delawareans always thought Biden's antics were amusing, and they were for a clown in a state with three electoral votes; but now even they are no longer amused by his lack of insight and decorum. His remarks on Israel's right to attack Iran, and now his insulting remarks about Russia prove that he is a major liability and not worthy of the office he occupies. If Obama can't put him on a leash then Biden must be isolated for now, and ultimately dropped from the ticket. Can anyone imagine this idiot as President of The U.S.?

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Cunning, immorality, and the willingness to do anything and to hurt anybody to advance yourself might lead to success, but is not to be confused with raw intelligence.

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This just emphasizes the contempt the Israelis have for Americans ,and for American political leaders, who they know are controlled by pro-Israeli lobbyists. America has to free itself from Israel, and Israeli influence on foreign policy in order to be a credible force in The Middle East. The method is simple,-- cut off funding. It is the will that is lacking.

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I'm sure the Christian Fundamentalists too are salivating as they anticipate Armageddon, their personal rapture, and the second coming. And with only one percent of The American People fighting the war their will be little opposition from the public; unless of course the economy collapses, their is a military draft that puts their children in harm's way, or Israel and The United States suffer a military defeat. Maybe it will take such a calamity to save The United States from Israeli ambitions. So much for change we can believe in.

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It is becoming more obvious that Obama is more dangerous thatn Bush as The United States expands the war into Afganistan, Pakistan, and soon ,into Iran. Our only hope might be in Russian opposition. Over the last eight years I've become nostalgic for the cold war, as the so called peace dividend never materilized and The United States instead adopted a policy of unopposed imperialism that has bankrupted us morally and economically.

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The leaders in Iran would have to be derelict in their duty if they did not produce a nuclear weapon. Failing to do so, they will be continualy threatened and blackmailed by the United States and Israel.

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Expanding the war to Afganistan, Pakistan, and Iran is a dream come true for the neo-cons, who have now migrated back to their true home--The Democratic Party. This is not the change that we were promised; it is change for the worse. Obama may make us look back at Bush/Cheney with nostalgia. It appears that the nightmare is unending.

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It's becoming more and more obvious that with Obama's charisma this administration is more dangerous than that of Bush/Cheney. With that winning smile and soft spoken voice Obama is expanding the war in The Middle East to include Afganastan, Pakistan, and soon it wil be Iran, and the liberal imperialists are loving it; especially since the anti-war movement is for the most part silenced now that they have achieved their real goal--an Obama Presidency. This expansion of the war conceived of and dictated by The Israelis will be a disaster for The United States Miliatarily and economically If anyone is still in any doubt as to who runs this contry they are either insane, delusional,or living under a rock. The greatest threat to world peace and security is the Israeli-United States axis of evil.

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It seems the United States went in to rid the region of WMDs that were not there, then created the weapons of mass destruction in the form of toxic gases, to which our own soldiers were exposed. When we add all the costs and casualties from these toxic exposures this will be one of the costliest wars in American history.

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The U.S propaganda machine is alive and well with the fingerprints of The CIA and The Corporate Media all over the current situation in Iran. First they put out polls showing Mousavi is ahead,but they do not say how they obtained accurate polling in a country where the vast majority of people live in rural areas with primitive communications. Then, after creating the expectation that Ahmadinejad would be defeated, we suddenly see, in a country where so many are illiterate in their own language, protest signs written in English and obviously created for Western consumption. All this to foster the impression that the current Iranian government is not legitimate, which makes me fear that in addition to expanding the war into Afganistan and Pakistan, and talking eloquently of, but doing nothing about the Israeli expansion of settlements, Obama who is more dangerous than George Bush because of Barack's charisma, his ability to connect with people, and his superior intellignence, will soon be marching into Iran with the self righteous mission of bringing democracy to that country by overturning the results of the current elections.