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Mike, I still like the old.toggl.com better so I use that... but I did try to switch over to the new one and didn't have any issues with the syncing. I think the backend stuff is all the same so give it a go.

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UPdate... this is still working awesome.

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Note, I've ditched this invoicing tool... now I use Freshbooks combined with a time tracker called toggl... I just clock in and out and then invoices are sent out via email or snail mail automatically. I just work and money is deposited in the bank! Loving it.

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Update my favorite app for auto uploading screenshots to ftp locations is a little app called "clupper" ...you can set it up to ftp to your own ftp locations and has a basic annotation and maybe cropping tool too... The coolest thing is it puts the image url onto your clipboard. Details here: http://www.instantfundas.com/2010/01/upload-windo...

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Thanks for posting.... I finally called in to support and got this issue fixed along with a couple others... blogged about it here:

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It would be cool if the app could auto sync when it detected a change to the files/folders like dropbox.

I also like software that has a small memory footprint and small download size.

Is your sync feature working yet?

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Hi, I'm having problems with TntDrive which I use to mount my s3 drives to host css files.. ( see my post here http://www.wesedholm.com/2011/03/29/how-to-auto-f... ) ... I'm wondering if your upcoming cdn genie app can help me do something similar. Thanks

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Note... Webervations does support putting the analytics code on your webervations checkout pages however it will not correctly report back the reservation dollar amounts.