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To be honest? Crying. Mostly crying really. Thats me and my better half...

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Precisely. Nobody seems to heed the examples of the SNP in Scotland and the Catalans in that if you take a softly-softly approach to gaining independence via a gradual erosion of the links between the two constituent parts you will stand a far better chance than by basically acting like a chauvinistic jerk.

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For what its worth I'm sorry it had to end just when things were on the up as well. I certainly recommend you read up on Jule's main work Valkyrie Squadron which is top notch.

What was everyone's favourite Hard Graft moment and why?

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I think Robert's decision is interesting as it shows that in a positive way the Constitution of the United States is as complex a creature as its un-codified cousin in the UK. It is also a tacit admission that the Supreme Court should not be wielded as a political weapon to strike down legislation. Roberts said “Because the Constitution permits such a tax, it is not our role to forbid it, or to pass on its wisdom or fairness" and that is absolutely right. The role of the Supreme Court is to act as an impartial check on the other two branches of government within the United States and whether you or me agree on "Obamacare" or not (and I will not state my position on this by the way) the Supreme Court acted admirably in this case. As a disclaimer if the Supreme court refused to overturn a law I didn't like, I would still respect their decision.

My final point is this. In America healthcare costs are going to climb regardless of if Americans opt to continue with the current system, throw their lot in with the administration's law or opt for something more radical. This is a certainty and it is very disingenuous to argue that there is some kind of magic bullet solution to America's healthcare cost crisis.

The question should be how best to manage this gradual climb in costs so that those worst affected do not suffer. That could be done by private or public means but that is for another debate.

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Well each have their own agenda to follow ;)

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@Jules: Eh Doctor Who isn't British anymore. The BBC do openly admit that the only reason its even in production is because the American market demands it so I don't pay much attention to it.

@Sabreur: Welcome to the comic! I did put a lot of work into Frank and as you'll find out soon he is quite the complex character.

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Thats another excellent point. The BBC do really like to regionalise the selection of accents on offer on its programming and in the last 20 years I'd think there has been a vast increase of people from the North of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland who have been encouraged to dispense from taking elocution lessons to try and speak in the standard way and revel in their accents and dialects.

As an aside which webcomic linked to this article by the by?

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Typo? What typo? ;)

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You could be right, I think the key is the interaction between the two players in what is essentially a very serious game. It is something that is played out between the United Kingdom and the United States despite the "Special Relationship" that exists between them.

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I want the Cabinet Secretary to have an "IMPOSSIBRU!!! D:" look on his face sometime in the future.

It is an absolutely stupendous building. Theres a few like that like the South African High Commission and the Royal Commonwealth Society's Commonwealth Club (complete with an ornate timepiece showing I believe the major Dominions as they were pre-war (including Newfoundland and Canada proper separately!) -