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way to go!! congratulations to team medianama.

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Gauri, are you sure? This release is dated Oct 2007 - if their partnership still holds, then the group should have been mentioned in the ministry's release?
If you know more, do tell.

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Good idea, maybe TRAI will take note and introduce it.

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Just remembered a friend of a friend talking about how a pic of her dancing with a friend was used in an article on lesbians for a Jaipur supplement of a newspaper. :D

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please elaborate?

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Official confirmation from the telecom regulator.

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Thank you, Sriram, corrected it.

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Thank you and apologies, JPS..we have fixed it now.

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I believe around 0.4-0.5% is the average for generic ads..

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I still think it is too high a price. The only reason I called Rs.2490 "whopping" was because Satguide's price effectively came to half with the offer while ur app did not have any offers with it; which i should've expanded upon in my post.

Abt the app being #1 on iTunes Store, to be precise, it's the top amongst paid apps under the navigation category. Of the top 10 of them, only 1 other app catered to indian users - what does that say about the market? Has it really changed?

And the fact that the app is a popular download may not necessarily be an indicator of the average layman's acceptance as iPhone users are an exclusive lot even now. Also, the app may be interesting to users as a trial - there was a phase when a friend of mine would try out as many apps as he could download to bide his 1.5 hr bus journey daily. If you could share stats on how many people use the app regularly for their navigational needs, that would be useful. And, yes, we would definitely like to try out the apps but their price remains an issue.

I am not sure what "anomalies" u referred to in my article besides these, but i would like to put the record straight when i say that it is not for lack of trying to reach mapping/gps firms. There is very less info abt number of users, performance and hard data from these companies. if you'd like to talk in detail about the performance of your company, from a users', product, revenues and profitability perspective, we're game. Reach me at