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I like to use the term 'useful idiots'. They would make Lenin proud. God, these people are fuc*ing dumb asses!

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As far as we know, the guy could be an independent, or he could be a Democrat, who can't find work, and is justifiably pissed off. I don't think he has an agenda, or a cause. He's just upset cause he can't find work, and he obviously is smart enough to figure out that the Dems are full of shit, just like their boss!

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O.k., just to make sure, let me reiterate what that man said: She's a socialist whore, and Obama is foreign born. There, I said it just like he did, just to make sure any 'useful idiots' out there in la la land, get the message. Go to www.commieblaster.com and you'll much better educate yourselves about the co-opted Dems who are proudly (but not exactly yelling it from the rooftops) DSA (Democratic Socialists of America)! The site is loaded with info about who they are, and their voting records, and personal info. about them. Very, very enlightening!

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God's speed and protection! It's about time, since no one in Congress is doing anything about this illegal president, his 'appointed' czars w/o consent of Congress, and all those Socialists (especially in the co-opted Democrat Party), who've all taken an oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.

We know by Obama's policies and the corruption in his 'the most transparent govt. ever' admin. that he's got to go and go now! He's ruined this country enough. While I can't at the moment go into all the illegal activities of this admin. I can tell you the damage this admin. has done to America and Obama's term is not even over yet.

These people have defiled their oaths of office, not to mention the fact (if ever a court in the land would give us citizens 'standing') that Obama will be found out to be occupying the office of POTUS ILLEGALLY! We already know this, we just have to be given the opportunity to have this proven in a court of law.
The only way this vile, corrupt admin. got into power was with a lot of help from the MSM! We have traitors and treasonous activity abounding by the boatloads in this administration! It's time to CLEAN HOUSE!!!!

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The Bible also says that in the last days there will be a falling away of many of the Churches, the Great Apostasy! I believe Robert Schuller knows what he needs to preach and do in order to keep his 501(3)(c) status to remain tax exempt. He turns his back on God's Word in order to maintain his tax exempt status. The govt doesn't like truth and use their power to stamp it out wherever it finds it!

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Right Mica! But, I might add not only vote, but vote for anyone other than democrat. The Democrat Party has been co-opted is in rife with Socialists. Many are card carrying members of DSA (Democratic Socialists of America)! I'm not forgetting the RINOs either! So, it's imperative that you definitely DO NOT vote for any democrat (closet Socialist).

We have a Marxist in the White House and a good number of DSA in the halls of Congress! No wonder our country's going to hell in a handbasket. The radical progressives have made great strides into the very fabric of our govt. and should be considered as enemies (their actions alone are treasonous)! Go to www.commieblasters.com and you'll see quite an extensive list where they name names and will prove to your how many Socialists we have in our govt. They've all taken their oaths of office and they're all liars and enemies of our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Rule of Law. Eric Holder comes to mind!

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This serves to aid in the breakdown of morals in a country whose Constitution and Rule of Law are based on Christian principles. Since we already know that the Democrat Party has been co-opted and many in the party are card carrying socialists, the goal of our present govt is to aid in the breakdown of the moral fabric of American society.

This is a well thought out deceit foisted on our society. Since the socialists have control of our education system it's easy to brainwash students to accept as 'normal' perverted and unnatural behavior. This also aids in the breakdown of normal relationships and the breakdown of the nuclear family. Many on the left are unaware that they are being used (useful idiots) to continue this charade. What I can never understand is the fact that if socialism were ever to gain a permanent foothold on America, it's then just a small push to go from a socialist state to a communist state. I don't think Americans are that stupid. We'll never willingly accept communism, but the socialists will dress it up to look desirable and, of course, would never actually use the work 'communism.' But, let's just assume for the sake of argument that America does fall into the communist trap. What these 'useful idiots' never take into consideration is the fact that if the State deems you an enemy or you usefulness has run its course, then however the State views you, as a person, is the way it will be. In other words, once your usefulness for their cause has run it's course, your totally expendable.

Let that sink in real good. Communism is a failed system wherever its been tried around the world. What Communism does accomplish is that this perverse system of government is specifically designed for the ruling elites to run your lives in every way possible. You become a slave to the State, and what the State says, is the final answer. So, you could, if the State one day decides your no longer of any use to them and your expendable, you could go to prison after being subjected to a kangaroo court, never to see the light of day again, or they could just simply take you out and have you shot. That is the ultimate outcome of Communism in any country, even here in the United States of America! Stop being a 'useful idiot', think for yourselves, educate yourselves and stop believing the lies of those around you that want to ultimately control your entire life.

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So true Gary. This is why this upcoming prez. election is so important. I believe it's the most important election for president ever in our history. As long as Obama the Communist is in office, there will be little to no chance of any new job creation (unless you want to keep believing the Liar in Chief); Obama's been ordered by a court to start doling out permits in the Gulf. Obama has pretty much disregarded what the court ruled, but, nothing happens to him. If this was you or me, we'd be held in contempt of court and fined or jailed or both!

We have a Trojan Horse army called radical liberalism that has overtaken our federal government and we're now witnessing the results of this. America, you know what to do. I'm voting for Ron Paul, and I don't agree with everything he says, but I do believe the best chance we have to save America and get us back on the right track is Ron Paul.


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Here's a perfect example of Saul Alinsky's 'Rules for Radicals' approach by the EPA. Overwhelm the system; the ends justifies the means. The EPA has been nothing but a thorn in the side of getting America back to work. The EPA is more interested in dismantling business with their phoney claims of concern for the environment. I guess in EPA jargon, we should be more concerned with saving a delta smelt than with saving jobs for Americans. This type of convoluted, fringe thinking and manipulation of job creation, has only added to the EPA's obvious true intentions.

There is an evil lurking in this agency whose only sole purpose seems to be the dismantling of America and using perceived environmental concerns as their ace in the hole. This is one agency that really has got to go! They've accumulated way too much power (as is the case with way too many Big Brother agencies in govt) that want to FORCE Americans to obey them or else! Mr. Issa may you have many successes with investigating this evil agency and also the other ongoing investigations concerning this out-of-control Obama admin.

BTW, it wouldn't hurt to contact Mr. Issa's office and let him know that America appreciates his efforts in investigating the EPA and the other scandals involving the Obama admin. Let him know we appreciate his efforts and we're behind him 100%.

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The best way, as I see it, to eliminate outside interests from donating to crooked judges and politicians, is to cut out the cancer, not just play around with the symptoms.

Every election cycle, the MSM news outlets should allow free air time to candidates running for office. This will level the playing field, and eliminate any crooked dealings and too much one-sided exposure by the candidate with the most money. I don't see how allowing for free airtime (within reason) to candidates would financially hurt any news outlet. Afterall, this would be a major game changer and the free ads and airtime only lasts during an election cycle. Once every two years for Congressional candidates and once every six years for the Senate, and once every four years for president. I don't think the major news outlets would go out of business. This would be a very good thing to do for America thus allowing for much more honest elections while at the same time, leveling the playing field. Every candidate should be heard whether we agree with them or not. This would give the American voting public a much better opportunity for deciding on who they'd like to vote for and eliminate the lock that the two party system has on us.