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Nice posts, nic. By the way, are you having issues posting over a certain amount of characters/words? This is the second post you've had to split up your commentary.

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Who are you referring to, Guest? Yakkov is not Sullivan.

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It's not simply an Executive Order. It actually is legislation, which is why Congress has to get involved:

http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query/F?c103:5:./te... (Sec. 524 Subtitle G)

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I don't think these guys are getting out of this without something. A slap on the wrist at least. Two of them pretended to be phone repair men in a federal building.

After 9/11...really?

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I figured that maybe part of the problem was that the papers were now taking many of their "letters" from similar comment pages

Actually, "Ellie" used a similar explanation in her new comments to the Cleveland Plain Dealer reporter, suggesting papers picked it up from Politico's Ben Smith. That still doesn't explain why her letters used addresses from multiple states, and even in different countries (now numbering over 65).

Also doesn't explain why identical letters by two different people have shown up in LttE in multiple publications, in some cases right next to Ellie's. More on that here.

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The JournoList theory is certainly possible (on a side note, I'm waiting for an invite to the inevitable conservative version of JournoList). However, I still don't think a possible direct administration influence is out of the question.

I have found it interesting how far conservatives are willing to bend backwards in this situation to NOT directly implicate Obama. Any time someone with socialist sympathies (not matter how distant) is found working in the administration, they are certain that we are in lock step march toward Communism, and Obama is the key socialist. But they've handling this one very lightly. Even when people suspect an Obama connection, it's still "Astroturfing" and not propaganda.

How PC of them.

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It's my understanding they were mostly accepted as editorials or Letters to the Editor, not simply posted to a site, such as the comments here, or even a Kos diary.

That there is a task, as papers will often reject even well written letters.

I know you wrote this yesterday, but Patterico has now dug up similar letters written by "other people": here and here.

Doesn't seem so much like an effort by a single person who just wants people to give Obama some slack, does it?