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I'm gonna say 2-4. These are real teams with good managers.

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They'll be lucky with 3-3... I think 1-5 or 2-4 is a distinct possibility.

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Hi Crystal - As long as you are within driving distance of a minor league stadium and willing to travel there occasionally, then you are close enough! Please forward your resume to the address listed in the posting. Thanks!

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Technically speaking, I linked to Joe's post. Of course, I linked to it from his own blog. I'm not sure what that means, metaphorically speaking, but I'm sure you can find a disgusting metaphor for that.

I think if Joe writes a 48-page essay on Wally Backman, Bob Klapisch and Darryl Strawberry, the least I could do is link to it the following day.

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This is a surprisingly high scoring game. Are they using aluminum bats tonight?

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so, what are you saying, gary? do you like citi field now? did you like it before?

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This umpire was actually fined and suspended for his actions because the umpire-in-chief was at the game and saw everything that happened. In other words, there was no reason for the batter (former Rockies prospect Doc Brooks) to be tossed. Wally was right.

Thanks for posting the video, Kerel. And I agree, bleeping Wally is hilarious. It took forever, but it was alot of fun to do it. In the WFAN clip from the other day, they accidentally bleeped out the word "Doc" (referencing Brooks) - I guess they wanted to play it safe because everything that comes out of Wally's mouth in that speech could potentially be NSFW.

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I gotta say though, I think they have the wrong idea about Backman's managerial style. Backman only gets in a player's face when they screw up basic fundamentals.

Umpires are another story. Wally will get thrown out every night if that's what it takes. But I never saw him single out a player in the press or in a team meeting. He'll call out his team in a meeting, but never individual players.

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AWESOME. Thanks Kerel!

Anyone else hear this?

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I'm with Kerel on this one. This ain't fantasy baseball. If Wright is physically fine and he is putting up the numbers, then the problem is between his ears. Something is wrong and you can tell by watching one of his at-bats.