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So far you have the highest page count of anything submitted in the last two days. GSYFB.

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Eli's father is the infamous Senior Camacho Huevos grandiosa. He met Eli's mother after a cage match in Tijuana where he had to defeat three challengers, a pit bull and a small basket of kittens.

Eli's mother is the nefarious Bonita del tatas. She is wanted across Mexico for a long string of testicle-crushing incidents.

They fell in love at first site. The night of Eli's conception is marked in history not so much for his mothers insemination, but more from the rolling destruction left in the wake of his parents violent but strangely tender intercourse. It’s spoken of as a cautionary tale to this day.

In a strange coincidence, it’s also around this time that the first sighting of the Chupacabra occurred. No direct connections have been made, but feel free to draw your own conclusions.

To this day, its impossible for the whole family to go grocery shopping without being assaulted by a series of challengers and ninjas.