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Thank you!

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You are, as far as I know, the first person to notice and point out the easter egg on the home page since I wrote it.
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Would be cool to see before/after screenshots on a post like this.

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Nice post! I'm also excited about this feature.

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If you need help upgrading your blog let me know, there are no unsolvable issues with regards to plugins or themes and new versions of WP.

Unfortunately on the other side if your blog has been compromised things get infinitely harder and you really need your web host or someone savvy with systems to clean up the damage. Even if you fix WP there's no guarantee they didn't leave a backdoor somewhere else in your account and you need to diligently check for that. (Like if you get spyware on your computer.)

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We'll catch up to Blogger one of these days. :)

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Yep, that's similar to what I was thinking. If you have to have them, at least hide them behind a link that 99% of people aren't going to click.

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I'm most excited about SyncRepair. :)

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Check out PollDaddy ratings.

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Dude! Let me know next time you're in SF.

This is awesome.

We could even enable this on, and it would allow hooking into all sorts of external applications.