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Gordon. I found your post fascinating reading. I am Scottish. We have 1 Christian radio station here and it is not broadcast over a large geographical area. Just like any other media we get good and bad broadcasts (each to their own of course). What I notice is that a lot of publicity for the radio station is focused on fund raising rather than achieving much by the way of outreach.

I am relatively new to the online media of teaching the Bible and I wondered if you had any thoughts on how useful it is?

Pleased to have found your Blog and am looking forward to reading more.

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Hi. This was inspiring to read. We are starting a blog for our Church youth group (well for anyone who is interested to read but mainly for the young folk). We met about it last week and decided a series in Proverbs would be good.

The three of us met last week and decided on it but a day later I wondered if it was going to be engaging enough for our Bible class. It is great to read that you have a teenager so thrilled with the book that he wanted to read through it.

This post reminds me that God's word is more than sufficient for all of us!! Thanks
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Hi Dave. Really enjoyed your post here. It was good to look at this parable from this perspective. I can feel even Church life can leave me feeling invisible at times. That is hard. But it is not always like that.

It was great that you drew attention to the full sufficiency of God and Christ but the gift we are given that is community. When community works it is incredibly wonderful.

Great prayer to finish with.

God bless