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Well said young man. I am 62 yrs old and can only apologies for my not understanding of this horrendous situation we now find ourselves in, a lot sooner.? The problem is carreering towards us like a tsunami, and it will be left to boys/men like yourself who have wisdom beyond your years. Had people of my generation understood and taken action (democratic action) when Mr Enoch Powell warned us back in 1968, then perhaps it may never have reached the destructful situation we now are faced with.? AGAIN I MOST SINCERELY APOLOGIES TO YOU AND TO MY GRANDCHILDREN (who are your age) FOR NOT REACTING THEN..? You are a young boy and I'm not going to try and influence you in any way, that would be wrong of me. You are a clever child and that is all to your credit... WELL DONE.?

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Direct action as you suggest is not the way to go to solve this problem, If you wish to get the British National Party in place.? We have to do it through the ballot box, it may take a few years, but when it happens it will be worth the wait, BE PATIENT and use the electorate,? And TALK, TALK, TALK, TALK, TALK,

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Yes you can do SOMETHING you can copy this video to a disc or two and give it to people who DON'T understand or think that things are hunkydorry in this land. YOU can also like ME and every party member, use the best tool we have at our disposal its the computer,,, Be a cyberactivist if nothing else.. And what we must all keep doing is, TALK, TALK, TALK, TALK, TALK, TALK, TALK, to as many people as you can......Even in our limited position we can still do quite a bit.. Go to it, Everyone.?

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firecrest::--- goto youtube and put in "lebanon paid the price" I understand what is happening. but I can't convince my sister to wake up and check it out.? She works with some of them and says they are nice people,? ONLY TILL THEIR NUMBERS ARE SUFFICIENT, then she will find out to her cost, just exactly how NICE they are? But it will be too late.?

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When for the last ,! "God knows how long" These clever people who have all been University educated, have allsorts of Degrees between them, are all CAREER Politicians,? These are the people who have brought us to the state of financial collapse. THESE ARE WELL EDUCATED and CLEVER PEOPLE .??????? GOD HELP US.....
So when you are struggling with your household bills, and your outgoings are more than your income,the governments answer, IS SPEND MORE,,??? I'm not a clever person, but when your outgoings are greater than your income? I would have thought you pull your horns in.? "YOU STOP SPENDING MONEY YOU HAVEN''T GOT.??? But thats me .???

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Very good news but still a long way to go.? Thankyou for the update both of you, from the factory floor it is nice to be kept in touch with events as they are happening, that way we feel part of the fight you guys have on your hands. IT IS A FIGHT FOR FREEDOM OF AN OPPRESSED PEOPLE......
WE HAVE TO WIN.? Keep the legal team at them, and God willing we will win the day.? Good luck to all of us. But especially to you Nick, stay safe...

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pt 2
They ridiculed and persecuted Enoch Powell, 41 years later they are doing the same to you. Mr Powell has been proved right, and in the future you will also be proved right.? Lets hope the "future" I refer to is just around the corner........................
The final speech you made at the r/w/b, your, integrity, honesty, sincerity and passion showed clearly. If the indigenous people of this island could see the man we in the British National Party see, then they would all be putting the cross next to your name.
Whatever the outcome, we are ALL right behind

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This may be off topic but please allow as this is the most recent post.?

Mr Griffin MEP. for the N.W.
At the r/w/b/ in august it was an absolute pleasure and privilige for me to shake your hand and to understand that you are a "truthful and sincere" politician, the likes of the lib/lab/con/crap party's can only dream off having, though how an honest politician would fit into their ranks, I don't know? I know that this is a battle we can't afford to lose, I also know that whatever the outcome, you and the team of legals will have fought the best fight possible and taken the right roads for the survival of the BRITISH NATIONAL PARTY. THE BRITISH NATIONAL PARTY has to survive, it is OUR only hope. Without you Mr Griffin and the party the Indigenous of this country are finished.

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You should be "extremely proud" of your daughter Mrs June Firth......

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`WELL DONE ! You are a credit to yourself, and also to the British National Party. As one of the younger generation, who need to understand the gravity of the situation we find ourselves in, and to be able to communicate that understanding on to others of the same age group, is such an ability, and you are showing you are more than capable of doing that.? TREMENDOUS.! WELL DONE.!