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I remember starting to read this book, then feeling suspicious and annoyed, and then putting it down. It was the same feeling I had when my yoga instructor told me that we modern folks get into the habit of thinking too much, and that it causes stress and we sometimes need to stop and not think at all. It's kind of paradoxical to have an emotional (rather than rational) reaction against people who say 'don't think', but I do. I sometimes think my brain does all the processing and just notifies me of the results by how I feel, which is of course very unscientific, but also very efficient. Anyway, maybe she's right. Maybe I think too much and I should meditate and lose consciousness.

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That billboard is awful. "Life is short. Eternity isn't"... I can almost hear the inquisitors adding "and there's no one to hear you scream - muhahahahahaha."