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I also tried it! AMAZING.

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I just have to let you know that when my boyfriend saw this, he said, "FOUR WISE OWLS? ONE IS BAD ENOUGH."

It kind of made my day <3 In all seriousness, this is really cool, and I can't wait to see the rest!

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Thanks, Thareous! It's definitely coming along. It's a big undertaking, but it will be worth it :)

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Well, here's mine. Y'all are nuts for reading all of these O.o

1. "The Song of Healing" (Majora's Mask) - This is such a great melody. It's both haunting and hopeful at the same time, and when played on the piano it sounds gorgeous.
2. "Hyrule Field Main Theme" (Twilight Princess) - This theme really sets a wondrous and adventurous tone when traveling the great lengths of Hyrule.
3. "Title Theme" (Wind Waker) - Very light and bouncy and sets a melodic course for the entire game which can be heard when awakening the sages.
4. "Overworld Theme" (Spirit Tracks) - Also such a wonderfully adventurous melody. It's something that can easily get stuck in your head for days (but I don't mind).
5. "Ballad of the Wind Fish" (Link's Awakening) - The whole game is so mysterious and has a very bittersweet ending. The entire tone of the game can be summed up into this song.
6. "Midna's Lament" (Twilight Princess) - I'll honestly stop my game at this point and pause just to listen to this music in the background. It's a gorgeous, yet melancholy tone. I'm a sucker for the piano, and when the strings eventually come in, it just makes the entire piece a treat for the ears.
7. "Stone Tower Temple" (Majora's Mask) - The steady percussion in the background sets the beat for this place. It sets a solemn mood, and the warm pads in the background just complete it.
8. "Dragon Roost Island" (The Wind Waker) - I love this piece. It fits so well into the light, airy mood of Wind Waker, and sounds great on the guitar. The ocarina in the background is a nice touch to link it to its past (pun very much intended).
9. "Gerudo Valley" (Ocarina of Time) - This theme just fits the Gerudo Valley so well. It has an almost middle eastern feel to it and it's just so darn catchy.
10. "Blizetta Theme" (Twilight Princess) - Ahhhh, cue the epic choir in the background! This song just sets such an epic mood for this icy boss battle.
11. "Dark World Overworld" (A Link to the Past) - Even the classics have some great music. This overworld theme also has such an adventurous melody that really sets Link up to go and conquer the dungeons of the Dark World.
12. "The Indigo-Go's" (Majora's Mask) - I've got to have some jazz on my list. It's a nice little treat after completing Majora's Mask to finally listen to this Zora Band play. They've got this jazzy, blues-ish sound that is just so relaxing.
13. "Title Theme" (Twilight Princess) - Opening themes are just the best. They set the whole tone for the game, and this one is perfect. The choir in the background adds a great touch to a haunting song that is topped perfectly with a wolf's howl.
14. "Gannondorf Sword Fight" (Twilight Princess) - Again, the epicness of this piece is just so amazing. I absolutely love the steady drums in the background that almost remind me of war drums. It honestly gave me chills the first time I played through Twilight Princess because it was so good.
15. "Deku Palace" (Majora's Mask) - The deku are a very strange race. Their palace deserves a theme as noble and and somewhat haunting as they can be.


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Thank you for that! It's always good to have someone double-check my work.

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It was never actually "in-game", but way-back-when there was a misprint in The Legend of Zelda's original game manual which listed them as "Zolas" when it was supposed to be "Zoras." Fans often refer to the river Zoras as "Zolas" now often simply to distinguish the "prettier" Zoras from their river counterparts.

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Honestly, as DESPERATELY as I would love to just OWN this game, I can wait for the Zelda team to perfect this masterpiece.

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Thank you for the suggestion! I'll put it in :)

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Technically, the Earth Sage was a Zora, even though it was dead.

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If there are, they'll quickly be added to the page :)