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great additions. I have you subscribed and the blog is looking good!

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This is our Staff set on a Wed. morning. Just started doing them. Ryan L. is leading. Did a great job. I was your token fill in guy!

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Next, the drums:)

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Traci..great question. As a Pastor we have a wide range of people at so many places in their Christian life. And yes, it can get discouraging when people are not making the right choices, especially when you know that if they would live by the Word, they would be positioned to be blessed.

Two things come to mind. One, is that many people are broken. Their inward pain and the cracks in their foundation have them making wrong choices. Two, as a Pastor it is best to keep your eyes on the victories in people, the ones who are living biblically. Focus on what God is blessing. We don't ignore the other but we cannot dwell there. There are to many cool things in peoples lives that He is up to. It is important to stay focused on that. Thanks for coming by and sharing your thoughts!!

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That's where it all begins. I am thinking of Microsoft and HP, I think they started in houses. Never underestimate the home as the beginning point for huge things. Keep praying and keep moving forward, God loves it when we dream and he takes delight in our imagination. He created it. I love that you and Bryan share the same heart and vision. Super cool! Thanks for commenting!

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What a huge need this fills. We need restoration of mom and dad before they make that huge decision. I know you care for everyone and would serve in any way you can, but did not know you had such a huge passion for this. We need biblical values and transformation in so many families in the church and city. Love it!

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I fully agree with you. Anything is possible...we just have to dream outside the lines! It has been in my heart for years because I know it is in His!

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a very cool dream. It's taking Pat's passiona your love for people and using it as a foundation for ministry. When you get the home, let me know. I would love to go out there and Pat show me how to do the stuff...who knows I might even like it. At least I am open

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This is out there...but it is a cool thing, I think. We have be studying the 7 Mountains or Realms of Society and statically asking the Lord to recapture them. How about having building for each of the Mountains in a city. One would be a Arts Center to have believers raise people up in the city and region in the Arts. Or a Media Center where we can do the same. This would be open Churches and those who are not saved yet. Have it be quality and run with excellence. In a Justice Center you would have a Compassion Wing where you distribute food, clothing do counseling and job placement etc. for the city. What do you think?

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I think God's language is pictures not just English. He loves it when we "search Him out" and look for him speaking in many different ways.