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I think you're being a bit harsh. He didn't get many chances in either of the teams. Benfica didn't even need another striker, but hey..the we're offered one for free so why not?

The kid left his club with the hopes of doing a pre-season with Barcelona but Pep never even looked his way. I think he is caught between Pep and Txiki/Laporta. Pep didn't wan't the deal, Txiki/Laporta did it anyway. Pep refuses to even let him train woth the team. I think Pep is acting REALLY irresponsible not even letting him train in a pre-season to show his spirits.

Remember that we got him for half of his buy out since he had a clause stating that if his favorite team in the world would want him the buy out would be reduced from 28 million to 14 milllion.

And then just getting thrown out after five days and no training. I wonder if Pep even talked to him before ruining his career? This is NOT "Mes que un club!" if you ask me. This is disgusting. Same thing with Henrique.

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A rather expensive buy back. And what happened to the 20% to Barca if Chelsea sells him to another club, which was mentioned earlier?

Anyway: Isn't there some kind of chat where you can post all of your OT-posts? It's getting real boring with everyone spreading stupid rumours in the comments for every article. Stay on subject or shut up!

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It's weird that no one mentions the clubs medical team. Obviously they are doing something wrong. They should work out a long term plan for the player and build strength - just like they did when Messi had troubles in his first years with the first team.

And of course. If you're given 5 minutes every 10th game you're way to eager to show that you should play more - and with Jeffrens explosiveness and bad coaching from the medical team that equals injurys.

Jeffren is still young, if they give him the attention he needs and let's him play more once fit im sure he'll be a good asset for Barca.

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Those of you who say Deco doesn't belong in the team and want Yaya or someone else instead - you obviously weren't Barca-fans during 2004-2007, cause then you would not even have raised your voices in doubts. Deco is absolutely one of our best players during the century. No doubts at all about that!

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Nolito was never meant for a-team Barca. He was bought as a Barca B striker only to help Barca B and will never be promoted to a-team football in Barcelona.

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Bla bla bla..sure, you like math and flashing numbers but you don't put them in perspective. Not paying Zlatans salary is not an income, it's a loss we're avoiding. But since we're losing a player it isn't that easy.

And you would also want to take in account the net present value. Meaning that 10M Euros wont be worth 10M Euros in five years.

Taking all these parts in consideration, the easiest, and yet most efficient way tou calculate the loss of this affair is to take Zlatans cost (69) minus his income (24)..and what does this say?

That we lost 45 fuckin million euros and should send Guardiola packing! Let him join Chygrynsky in Shaktar!!!

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A great introduction to the players. But still just bullshit from the bullshit paper Sport. Even worse at spreading rumours and more damaging to the team than english tabloids and Madrid papers.

As always i count everything 100% bullshit until confirmed on the official website.

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Did Henrique not get any minutes for Brazil?

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Thank you Marquez. A huge player during the golden years 04/05 and 05/06!

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The buy-back option for him is £1.65. Not much comparing to the cost of buying players. I say, bring him back and let him and Romeu compete for the back-up. If he turns out to be disappointing i'm still sure we can get more than £1.65 for him. He is a young player and has played many games as a starter for Celtic the last two years. Would be fun to see how he has developed in Scottish football.

Edit: He turned 22 earlier this year, and has already played 41 games from the start and 8 as a sub for Celtic. And i'm guessing Guardiola knows him and his game pretty well since he trained him in Atletic.