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He sure better stop yapping and start acting before Turkey gets another Committee of Union and Progress ...or even an Office of Special Plans!

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You know, it may someday be possible, if we weren't already 'fighting' it, to form an 'enemy' construct that could never be 'defeated' per se. We could then proceed as if we intended some final victory over it, such that one could ask 'are we "winning" or is "[it]"?' until the Sun burns out completely.

Heard somewhere that "In times of peace, the warlike man attacks himself." Who 'wins,' you reckon?

Don't suppose any of those polled also thought that drugs are winning? Anyway, I highly recommend replacing the Global War on Fear-Itself with the Intergalactic War on Angst. Surely the warlike-man could 'win' that one.

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...another bit is that terms kinda change their meaning with use... So, yeah, he could be the idiot who didn't catch that people are (maybe most) frequently critical-of/calling-into-question a 'narrative' when they call it that... Or it could be a diabolically clever thing to do: contributing to wearing the term down so that it no longer automatically evokes a connotation unfavorable to one's own side. I s'pect there can be sort of a sloooooow war-to-watch even just around terms...
...e.g. I'll only ever use the word 'liberate' when it's clear I mean stole or even killed...but the last time I did that here, for whatever reason, I then hear 'we liberated' Grenada on the radio---in a sorta defending-the-honor of-the-operation kinda way... Someone with a much bigger soapbox than I'll ever have might be justified in reading into sequences like that...

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Thing about those killing-his-own-people types... that nobody really cares until their alleged activity is convenient to another agenda. Especially the agenda of wrecking his country to a greater extent than he could've managed himself while imagining one's self the to-be recipient of flowers & candy flung from throngs of the thankful. Wallah! Then he's 'evil.' The perennial do-gooder also rarely apologizes...

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Sure do hope they know about them "fun sized" turrrrists.

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Make a strategy foolproof and NATO will invent a better fool.

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I'd take them all as terrorists--some of whom are 'rebelling.'

...wouldn't say the current Syrian gov't put the kibosh on anything. Others have presumed to pick it's negotiating partners, and many of those others have a history of destroying countries ostensibly to unseat governments (most recently in a pattern apparently predicted by Yinon/Wesley Clark). They're not worth the time, much less who they'd back. They themselves couldn't be fixed until enough people are willing to be killed or worse rather than accommodate them.

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And surely, given the precision and care inherent in tossing or 'firing' high explosives while at high speed and thousands of feet in the air, only three hundred were "Fun Size" ISIS -----er----- non-Ghadafi-supporters -----er----- ... .

Read Robert Parry saying Putin just shamed Obama into hitting the Turks' (NATO's) illicit ISIS oil supply... ...fair enough... but ...not hearing anywhere that Putin just, unfortunately, helped legitimate the GWoT.

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No "exceptions for journalists and researchers" might indicate the real concern for who wanted the bill. The perception of the hazard the travelers represent is being used to minimize people coming from the area meeting Americans face-to-face.

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Much of today I'd heard Neocon radio distinguishing-themselves-from-Trump. If Trump were serving a function for some friends, that could be it. E.g., if you wanted to make the bigotry you're spreading into a collection of 'fine points,' nuances that the-other-wing-doesn't-appreciate, it'd be nice to have Bad Cop over there advocating getting rid of all the whales, cute little puppies, foreigners, ... , or advocating euthanasia for cripples, sterilization for hippies, .... . Get a guy like that some traction and murdering 'fun sized' terrorists could seem rather mild... .
(...though I'm not following Trump so well that I understand if that's so routine...).