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Fully agree. Americans for whatever reason have yet to grasp the media is controlling the direction of thoughts. The young lady has taken on the entire lazy ass house of representives ...and winning. Also agree that the lady is stunningly beautiful, abnd accurate

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Whoever paid for the poling data deserves to be hoodwinked. The guy and gal on the street, those who work and are aware of the public relations and secrecy of our government know full well who is and who is not the leader of their respective countries.

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The supreme court is lazy...does not want to tell the congress and the executive branch that they are not fulfilling their duties and ignores their own decisions. The court just does not fight beyond its own self-made boundaries of security. Micky Mice of men and women.

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Clear excellent article. Comments are also interesting and consistent. To stop the wars? One solid all encompassing depression in the US plus fear put into the minds of the politicians in the congress from the citizens will cause and tell the selfish ediotic politicians the profit game for them is over. Politicians fear nothing as long as profits are made and they can stick by their political parties. Depression and fear of the physical will change all of them.

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Mr. Obama is over his head and under water, and he can't shoot basketball under water. He has yet to show the savvy to be a president of the USA. The year 2009 was a flunk because the government made payouts and nothing came in. We are in far greater debt than ever. We are now in three wars...resources go out and nothing comes in. The government bails out the "bigtime" failures which caused our recession...monies go out and nothing comes in. No balance and then there is the titter totter to a fall. Congress is even a bigger handicap. The constant effort to use money via the government as the panacea for America's problems will be the downfall of the US government. Maybe that will be the time for restart.

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US posturing, manuevering, asking, patiently waiting are repetitive illusions. Israel is a land predator without regarding for the lives of people in other countries, especially young people.

Handle Israel, and for that matter, any country by freezing their assets in the US and wherever it
can be done in other countries. Patience and friendship is secondary to doing with is right for peace and cooperation.

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Once again, Mr. Giraldi makes his points. I become at ease and calm whenever thinking and dreaming of Mr. Giraldi going back into government.

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President Obama has a fault. He has the opportunity now to put the pentagon/military leaders in their place, get out of Afghanistan with our parochial war type and readdress going after alqaeda, the everlasting mystery target. Alquaeda is the pentagon/America media creation encouraged and kept alive by them. Mr. President the bases are loaded, and the Pentagon/industrial/miltary/congressional combo will not allow you to walk.

Your title/responsibility as president is on the line. Hit their pitch or the public will, most assuredly, send you back to the minors.

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Many democrats in congress are reassessing US afghan involvement...simply put "no progress after eight years". If Obama moves more resources into Afgh, he will have been suckered by his war advisors and republicans want him to make huge mistakes. This one is an achilles heal.

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Mr. Biden is and has always been lazy. Living in the past and does not do any self homework.
He is useless.