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one of your suggested strategies brought to mind a problem i always have: quick OCR. i've been looking for ages for ways to automate this process and have it work transparently. here are some thoughts:

* user evernote but it turns out they dont always OCR PDFs especially those that are written by hand.
* manual OCR means running an app on your PC that will take time and slow your machine down. this is a bottleneck when you are doing more than one thing at once.
* why isn't there a tool that scours your folders/hard drive for potential text documents that have not been OCR'd and just does it for you especially in your computers downtime when you are not using it and without having to be managed by the user.

now i know that tools like scansnap and others are getting better at this with packaged OCR, etc but i dont think good enough. i've also explored the web-based options and would like to find a tool that integrates with dropbox that can work in the cloud to OCR documents that you put in a specific dropbox folder. this way its not tied to a single machine and makes using my mobile devices for scanning a more versatile option as well.

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an interesting point but slightly underestimates what it would take to do this as i suspect the would have to pay a decent premium to the market price.

that said, they do throw off more than enough cash to service debt so its definitely to be considered.

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i've been trying to decide between crashplan and backblaze and seem to be leaning towards the former but an important aspect has recently cropped up in the news and that is data access.

its important that NO ONE can access sensitive data no matter who asks for it and this, as far as i am aware, can only be done if only the user has control of their private keys that are used to encrypt the data BEFORE transmission to the server.

dropbox has recently been in the news for this matter and i am paying closer attention to this since you never know when an unscrupulous employee could find a way to access your data even if their rules dont allow it.

any thoughts on this matter?

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i've been using for a while now and think its a great place to find how-to info. you might want to consider looking at some stories over there and even sharing there with links back to your blog.

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the price difference between the 1100 ($199) and 1300 ($249) seems minimal but the 1100 has one interesting feature that doesn't seem to be available on the others and that's the ability to scan plastic cards (credit cards, IDs?). i've often come across this need and had to find alternative ways of doing so.

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is there a video anywhere of how this works?

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interesting data. what was the sample size?

considering that the 1300 is almost have the price of the 1500, that might be the major cause.

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Interesting. I will take another look at Genius as well. FYI Jotnot developer responds to emails regularly if you need help.

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Welcome to the club! I've been using Jotnot on my iPhone for a while now and still think its the best after using Genius (free version) and another one that's name I forget.

What I found annoying about Genius was that there was no way to make a scan B/W instead of a shaded/colored format. Jotnot does this nicely. Otherwise Genius is pretty cool too.

They both also upload to Evernote.

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actually it looks like a yes. check this out from the Evernote blog post (your link above) comments: