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And the Nobel Committee gave this warmonger the Peace Prize.

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The Japanese have no dignity or they would not have allowed themselves to be occupied
for 60 years by war criminals.

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Once again the US proves that it is a militarist aggressor state.

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I am pleased to see my two reports confirmed by Gareth Porter's detailed account.
It is totally clear that we are witnessing another US government disinformation campaign
comparable to Iraqi "weapons of mass destruction." The US government lies exactly the same regardless of its complexion.
Under the safeguards agreement that Iran has with IAEA, a nuclear facility is not secret unless
Iran completes the construction of such a facility and operates it without notifying the IAEA.
Does anyone really think that the US government does not know this? Why, then, is the US government lying through its teeth, yet again, unless it is trying to again deceive the world, and again set a country up for military attack?
Paul Craig Roberts