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Governor Walker of Wisconsin did not remove the right of collective bargaining. The Koch brothers have no desire to remove the right of collective bargaining. Those who put words in the mouths of the people seen in this video want to characterize the "other side" in a way that is both false and extreme enough to motivate the orange and blue shirts seen in this video. The responsibility to get the truth before speaking was totally missing in the people who spoke.

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Nothing wrong with collective bargaining. All it means is that those who think they have the same interest in an outcome all speak to the same point with the same message. It's the American freedom of speech and association. There is no right to use physical force to compel the outcome any group wants. There is no right to use government to force the "other side" to agree, come to agreement, or even to engage in bargaining. If those who don't want to work under the conditions offered choose not to work, the employer has to find others and may not be able to, or at least not at the same level of "quality". If the employer wants the level of experience and quality brought to him by union workers, then he'll have to pay what they ask, or something near it. But, the employer, too, may not use physical force nor government power to favor his side either. In other words, let bargaining BE bargaining.

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In the 1930s, a little, dark-haired escapee from Russian communism, entered an American library and asked the librarian, "Don't they write serious novels any more?" Well, she wrote one herself. In the last 2,5 years, Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged has sold more than 750,000 copies, in reaction to the bi-partisan imposition of socialism on American citizens. Amazing for a book that was published 53 years ago. Timeless books do endure. Read Rand's other novels of American individualism, too.

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Simple. Americans are smarter than the Progressive-LIberal-Leftist elite. We recognize socialism, no matter how they "package" it. We don't want socialized medicine in America. See "How to Recognize a Pro-freedom Candidate" at the Discussions tab of almost any Tea Party site on Facebook.

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Censorship is one of the four markers of dictatorship.

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Article III, Section 3 of the US Constitution specifies what is treason and provides for punishment of the same. Do the actions of the press constitute giving Aid and Comfort to the self-declared enemies of America? Does Aid and Comfort describe the bias and honor and tolerance of the currenty President of the United States, however qualified? Does the failure to declare war on the nations that promote and finance the terrorism that culminated, after 30 years of attacks on US soldiers and civilians, in the attack on the World Trade Towers constitution Treason, according to that part of the US Constitution? Who will bring these Americans to trial for treason? What punishments shall we, the American people, seriously direct to those who ignore our outrage against a mass-murdering, self-declared enemy of our country. Just because our government ignores the evil of islam does not mean we the people have to.

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On September 11, 2001, the world of Islam declared war on the United States in the same manner Japan declared war on America by attacking Pearl Harbor. The mass-murder of US citizens (and others) on US soil was applauded by Moslems worldwide, with no Islamic group decrying this act of hatred, defiance and destruction of human life. The Islamic history of declaring victory over the populace of a newly-conquered land and people was to build a mosque to honor that victory. All mosques in America make that muted statement, as a hope for the future, each new mosque advancing that future, that victory, that subjugation of the Earth and its peoples, all in the name of the Moon God.
The cry of love for humanity and for freedom is: No mosques in America!

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If Islamic religious practice requires obedience (the name "Islam" means "submission") to the Prophet, the Koran, and therefor to Al'lah, then the command to kill all unbelievers (especially Jews) is Islamic religious practice, even if there are less violent practices that are part of this religion. Maybe the Islamic worldview endorses this and its idea of obedience to the dictated word of Al'lan makes individual rights and the sanctity of the individual human life impossible. But, American law is founded on that sanctity and on those rights. American law stands solidly against the religious practice of Islam. There is no right to kill unbelievers in anything, nor to behead, nor to cut off hand, nor to mutilate female genitals, nor to stone to death accused (or actual) adulterers, nor the irrationality of hatred of Jews.

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For details about the Tea Party, pro-freedom distinctives,, go to the Discussions tab of almost any Tea Party site on Facebook and read "How to Recognize a Pro-freedom Candidate", "Tea Party Questions for Political Candidates", and "Tea Party Declaration of Independence from Political Party Loyalties".

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A Tea Party, or pro-freedom, candidate for national ofice is one who exclusively dedicates his legislative career to the sole task of identifying and repealing (or phasing out) those laws. There can be no other task as important, in this generation, than getting this government back under its original Constitutional limits. And, no one has identified another way to accomplish that goal than Reform by Repeal.

Until you hear Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, or Sharon Angle say this, she nor they are Tea Party spokesman, no matter how loveable she is.