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Thank you for sharing that Natalie Merchant song/video. This narrative is a part of our folklore in India. _I have seen some postings on your blog and instrigued by your work. Would love to learn more about it and continue to ineract/learn with you.

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Very interesting take on the need for realigning our beliefs and policies to the realities of our world !!

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Use if technology has been the greatest generational gaps between teachers and learners. Learners have more respect for teachers who like to keep abreast with technology or are more tolerant of new and/or popular technology. Not too long ago, I had a deal with one of my Korean students, I agreed to teach him English after school in return for lessons in all the wonderful computer tricks that he was an expert of. In retrospect, I think I learnt more from him than he did from me.

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I think the 20th century was one of shaking up that happens before any re-creation and rejuvenation, in every possible way. By the end of the century things became less murky and began to take some form.
It is for us in the 21st century to give it a concrete form, based on the wonderful body of research and common sense. That's what makes it such so challenging and exciting particularly in the case of teaching-learning.