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Landmark actually manages a condo for me and they have been nothing but good on the property management front.

I think this was just a situation where they were covering their legal behinds and doing what they were asked to by the board in order to keep the homeowners association contract. Unfortunately they are the fall girls in this story when it comes to insane requests from the board like asking a small business to close that's been there 15 years.

But that's what Landmark signed up for and a savvy business woman like Laura Nichols can handle it.

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For your convenience Lips here is the whole debate via YouTube!

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I am having trouble getting the drop down menu to version work but the quicker load time is fantastic.

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I'm really loving this system.

This is kind of strange...comments will appear here:

But not here: (when you don't have the www.)

Any reason on my end Intense Debate is treating this like another site?

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I myself was very disappointed in Mr. Serge and Mr. Morehead. At press time I suggested that they remove "Chin" as I thought "Wang" would have worked better.

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HI Ya'll. I'm testing a new comments system for this site as spammers are making me close comments on articles like this one. The Java script fits real nice so we'll see how it handles penis enlargement spam!

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Hi Cali!

I just discovered all the free pod cast video's and you have the most entertaining show out there. You are the only one on my auto download rss feed.

My roommate thinks you are so funny and hot.

(and she is a chick and geeks like me love that!)

I also love the soho programs and we are incorporating it into our workplace...freeing up space on our macs.

Thanks and keep up the good work!