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Hi All,
An update: just over 250 hits on this post in 3-4 hours yesterday--not Google scale but a big deal for my little old website. Thanks for all of the comments and cross-posts.

You should also know I made a revision to the last sentence in the 4th paragraph for clarity and added a link to my post about the treatment of Deb Rockman. I also embedded a link to the Facebook article about the AP shuttle service in the 1st paragraph as a reference to practical issues of AP that needs to be resolved. Oversights corrected that I hope reinforce the tenor of the piece.

Again, thank you for the interest.

Matthew Patulski

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You mean Andre Brut, which can be quite good when enjoying mimosas amongst friends which then leads to conversation. Throughout there is never any confusion as to what you are drinking. What are you drinking?

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To be a good client, make yourself an informed client. If you walk into a Doctor appointment prepared to discuss your condition then show up at an Art exhibit and be prepared to talk about your condition in relation to the work you are experiencing.

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Thank you Deb Rockman for stepping up and speaking truth to the the organizers of ArtPrize. It has been a great thing for everyone but the Artists, who like doctors, lawyers and athletes have a professional practice. Anyone can show creativity but few make Art just as few individuals can bat .400 or present a case to the Supreme Court.

To call someone an elitist simply because they finished school, worked hard, continue to improve themselves and wish to raise an issue of concern for their community, calmly and in an articulate manner is frankly inappropriate and rude. Would you talk to your parents or children in such a manner, a pastor or a police officer? No. Make your point on the merits, with your real name or go home, you lack the ability to play with others.

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There are no hoops in my list. Its just a list. you win nothing if you are on it. I have no power over your success. go relax and enjoy this lovely town.

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This is a list of my choices of work I want to see. I may have made bad choices, the AP website makes it hard to view and judge work. I said that above. Tell me more how it is narrow minded? Make the professional/historical/curatorial case.

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@Richard: Some days it's ArtPrize and today it's SawPrize!

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@Wendi: No I do not have a piece in ArtPrize nor have I taught at Godwin. I will have my CV online next week.

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@ Dennis: The list is biased. Its my list. Its built form what I have to work with. That you are not on the list is not a personal slight. You are on others obviously given you top 50 status at the moment.

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Map added of all 10% sites