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Einstein was correct just like Illinois, Califorina is another state if Insanity. These idiots as well as the idiotic voters of Illinois will never learn froim their mistakes of the past. You can't continue to vote the same way each and every election cycle the same corrupt politicians into office and expect to see any different results. We need for the voters to wake up reallize this and start cleaning all of the career Republican and Democats out of office and replace them with Libertarian politicians who stand for the same principals as the TEA Party does. Freedom, Liberty, and a much smaller, less intrusive government. Of, by, and for the people.

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It appears that the Surgeon General is on his terror rantings again, wow what a dufus. I just can't believe that some people are stupid enough to believe those rantings by the allegedly intelligent (and I use that word allagedly very loosly) Surgeon General.

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You raise many good and valid legal points, but unless you can get Attorney Generals from possibly several of the individual states to listen to your points and to act on these issues, nothing will be done about it, and an Impeachment hearing will not be brought up. From another point of view is the fact that if Obama is not a legitimate POTUS with the documentation to back him up, then an Impeachment hearing can't even be brought up against Obama for the simple fact that Obama might not be a legitimate POTUS. From what I understand a legitimate POTUS can be Impeached such as was the case with Nixon being that Nixon was a legal citizen of the united states of America.

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No, unfortunately Americans are actually too civil to revolt.. Americans fear the reprisals of the police state by actually staging a revolt. This has been drummed into Americans by our school indoctrination system aka the public school system over the years and decades as well as the MSM always taking the side of the police on every incident of civil disobedience that is broadcast. We the patriotic Americans need to get out of this pattern of being too civil and need to stop thinking of the police as "authorities". In reality the Americans are supposed to be all sovereign individuals and are individual kings of their own castle(homes) and thus their own individual kingdoms (properties). Yes the American people should revolt, but unfortunately civility has taken the fight out of the American people.

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There's no difference between the GOP or the Democratic Socialists party of America. Both parties want to keep Big government policies. What the TEA party really wants is the Libertaran Party which represents smaller,less intrusive, less taxes government. Corporate Lobbyists bribe money controls government now. Most TEA party people who want a smaller more effective government actually are Libertarians, but they either don't know it yet, or are just stuck in a bad habit of voting the same way and expecting a different result, which in itself is the very defination of INSANITY. If the TEA Party people really want a true change for the better, they need to, support, and campaign for Libertarian candidates which will really put a damper in both the Republican and Democratic Socialists parties..MSM will never advertise for Libertarian candidates because the Republicans and the Democratic Socialists Parties own the main stream media and pay them not to allow Libertarians to advertise on all of the major networks in either television or radio, which is totally biased against Libertarians.The FCC, is controlled by the Democratic Socialists Party of America and the Republicans.

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Many people have wanted Dr. Ron Paul to become POTUS but too many people listened to the leftists MSM when MSM castigated and belittled Ron Paul during the debates in 2008 and called Dr. Ron Paul a so -called "Fringe" candidate, apparently following our Constitution when voting for or against Bills to the MSM is a "Fringe" idea. What we actually have is a "Fringe" MSM. Dr. Ron Paul uses common sense in his speeches and lectures and Ron Paul is one of the very few politicians that follows and votes for bills that follow our Constitution. Ron Paul would not have allowed Obamacare nor the TSA nor the PATRIOT Act to be put into place to begin with and faught against all 3 of these Bills. Ron Paul is a Constitutionalists that should have been voted in as POTUSin 2008. In 2012 I hope that if Ron Paul runs for POTUS many more people will get behind him and vote for him as he would have and will make a great POTUS. He with his administration will be able to begin the process of restoring America to it's prior greatness but he needs the people's help and he won't get this help with the leftists MSM.

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All potential passengers at the airports should all at the same time announce that NO WE WILL NOT COMPLY WITH THE X-RAY SCREENINGS OR THE FULL BODY SEARCHES AND SIMPLY REFUSE TO COMPLY, if the TSA officials attempt to arrest anybody who refuses to comply then other passengers should arrest the TSA officials. We must stand together and back each other up or surely we all will fall.

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This is just one small example of how Americans need to start standing up to the establishment, defy them and refuse to folow their orders. Just because a practice is established does not make it right. Like the pilot in an airport in Tennessee, he is a patriot because he also stood up to the establishment which is the TSA and told them he will not be manhandled and frisked any more when he goes to work. Many more Americans need to do this and begin bucking the stystem and soon the illusion of control that the established system appears to have will be over and then we can begin the process of taking our country back. If many people at one time buck the system and refuse to follow their orders and do what is right instead of what they tell us to do, they will no longer be able to control us like they are right now then freedom and liberty will ring through out this nation once again. We can stop this tyrannical takeover of our lives but we must do it together as a unified people like in the debate. Everybody stood up all at once, defied the moderators orders, and said the Pledge of Allegience together. That is the way we need to do things with all of the establishments orders.

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I would agree with Mr. Berg except for the fact that the united states is not a sovereign nation, and has not been a sovereign nation for over 130 years because of the Act of 1871 which made a government for Washington D.C. When Congress wrote the Act of 1871, they defined the united states as a Corporation and as such the consequences of this action is the fact that a POTUS, which we have now, can be from any nation in the world because Obama is the POTUS of a Corporation. Not a sovereign nation and until this is reversed and the united states is re-defined as a sovereign nation again, his complaint against Obama is moot and has no effect of law.Please see UNITED STATES CODE:Title 28 3002 Sec. (15) (A) (B) (C). It specifically states in this UNITED STATES CODE that the united states is a Corporation not a sovereign nation . Until this definition of what the united states is, is legally changed back by Congress to the status of a sovereign nation again, the POTUS does not need to be born here in the united states.