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A) Lucas didn't write this. Take that as plus or minus, but the "Lucas' signature atrocious dialog" jabs are annoying the shit out of me, and prove to me that people hate because they like hating, without regard for facts.

B) Ventress is goddamn badass, and not one smug, fashionable potshot artist trashing this movie as Crazy Uncle George is Sodomizing the Couch Part 4 has even mentioned her.

C) It was bad, but I saw it before bashing it, and while bad, it was way better than expected. It's designed to make 6 year old girls like Star Wars, because that's the only remaining demo needed for market dominance. You put robots and lightsabers dancing in fucking Caberet, and you've got 6 year old boys. If you go into it with that perspective, it's not bad at all. I'll actually watch the first couple episodes of the show.

D) Jabba's voice was actually good for the first time ever.

That said, Nute Gunray totarry rikey flied lice. Spot-on.

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I would enjoy a wallpaper-sized image of Penguin-Josh teetering his way across a frozen tundra. Seriously, though, a tiny detail in panel 2 that made laugh as hard as the whole strip.

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that is actually very creepy - I also heard a gruff Geoffry Rush doing a pirate. What are the friggin' odds?