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I believe there is a lot we can learn from magazines, but they also point out the limitations of some of the more simple blogging sites. Varying text size, font, color, pictures, etc. are all effective if you are skilled at laying out such things. Although these are helpful at attracting attention, in my experience it is the content that keeps one coming back to a magazine, or a blog. Unless it is a matter of examining it solely for the images, if the content of the articles is not captivating, readership will decline. That being said, you don't have readers if you can't attract attention.

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I have not tried issuing a call to action in my blog, but it is a great idea. I appreciate the helpful hints you've included in this posting and look forward to putting them into action.

As for helping spur people out of their passivity, prayer is my best advice. While the practical things are useful, there is nothing like the power of prayer to make things begin to happen. That is a principle I too easily forget and too infrequently put into practice. When I do, however, I am always amazed at the results.

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This is a great idea and one I have not incorporated into my blog in the past. Ironically, however, I have participated in such things on other blogs, including guest posting one time for Jonathan Pearson, who has a significant following on his blog. I will seek to give this a try and hope it yields some great results.

It's nice to be back in the saddle again after a few weeks somewhat "unplugged."

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I though I've occasionally submitted things to forums in the past, it is not something I've spent much time or energy doing. I am now going to participate in the Original Writing Forum on .

I am looking forward to posting some of my original work and getting constructive feedback on it. I do believe that forums can be useful, but the key is balance. It would be easy for me to spend too much time there, and also to spend too little time there to get the benefit of it.

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I had never thought of nor heard of interlinking, though it does make sense. I had what would have been one long post I broke into two segments for publication. That would seem to be a logical place to start.

Since they just follow each other on my blog, I am not sure it will be as necessary. I will have to check into the mechanics of how to do it uses Blogspot. If anyone has any knowledge regarding the steps required, I'd appreciate the help!

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I wish I had more great ideas about marketing my posts. I am working on my making my titles more enticing. Let me know what you think about my last two!

I sent an email to my distribution regarding a leadership issue and a blog I found with great advice about making meetings more effective. I posted it to my blog this morning:

Let me say thanks to those who have commented on my blog posts so far. I pray they have and will continue to be a blessing. Keep them coming!

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I definitely like the idea of collaboration and getting people to help. That is an area in which I need to improve. Though I've made my blog known, I have not actively asked people to visit it. I also fell trap to the build it and they will come mentality. I now realize that just doesn't happen without active help.

The other area for me is the time and investment. I have let it take a back burner status rather than using it to sharpen my writing skills. God has gifted me with an ability to write well, but I have too long neglected it. I am finally understanding that blogging can be a foray into developing that gift even further and therefore it is worth the time and effort necessary.

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Unfortunately no comments on my posts for the last two years. Need to promote it better. In the past I did follow up with those who left comments. I love the dialogue and pray God will use it to impact the lives of others.

I would love comments to my recent posts (please bear in mind the last two were specific to my congregation, though they certainly have a broader application). Thanks!

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I have run across a fun blogs that I would say are in my niche of God's grace and spiritual encouragement, and I am sure there must be more out there. I will spend some time searching and check out the ones I find.

If anyone can recommend some I'd love some help!

As for the assignment, I see its merits. For me it is more of a time challenge, but as the old saying goes, "nothing ventured, nothing gained." I and perhaps others have to be reminded that this is like any investment. Some work up front will hopefully yield great fruit in the future.

I will work on a new post. Maybe I'll combine the last two lessons and create a list post of blogs I am reviewing and why!

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I love this post. Great note about the too long title! (like the alliteration?)

I am the only one or is it quite frustrating at times trying to figure out which characters you can delete or change and still create a readable/intelligible tweet?

Who is the lord of tweetdom that decided the world should revolve around 140 characters anyway? At least brevity is the soul of wit! I wonder what that makes soul food?