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Peter, thanks for setting the record straight.

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Thanks again for preaching here Sunday. It was the Days of Dead Orthodoxy!

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The volume I have is \"Grace Upon Grace\" and is available through the print shop of Concordia Theological Seminary, Ft. Wayne, IN. There are a number of other Stöckhardt translations available there too. Erwin Koehlinger is the translator for most, if not all items.

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As have I in these parts. When I posted my sermon in another realm of the InterWeb, a brother pastor wrote me and said "What has gotten into you" or something like that. It was a joke, but, yeah, I'm hardcore 1-year all the way. I'm also hardcore NKJV for public reading, though I teach out of ESV for Bible class. Did I mention I'm also schizophrenic with attention deficit dis...ooh, SHINY!!!

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A worthy and commendable thing to do.

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Thank you for the link!

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The hyperlink isn't working right. One will have to type it in without the parentheses.

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“Those are in fundamental agreement who, without any reservation, submit to the Word of God. When the Word of God has spoken in any matter, that matter is settled. There may be things that some men have not yet found in their study of the Bible; there may be matters with reference to which they have accustomed themselves to an inadequate mode of expression; yet, no matter what their deficiency may be, they are determined to accept the Bible doctrine. Where such is the case, there is fundamental agreement. ... A fundamental agreement is all the church can ever hope to attain here on earth. We are not all equally gifted; one has a much clearer and a much more comprehensive insight into God’s doctrines than another. We all strive to grow daily in understanding. Besides, when once we have accustomed ourselves to a faulty or an inadequate expression, it is not only difficult to unlearn the particular phrase and to acquire a proper one, but the inadequate term may tend also to warp our views on other points. Yet, in spite of all such differences, where there is an unconditional willingness to hear what God has to say in his Word, there is fundamental agreement.” (John P. Meyer, “Unionism,” Essays on Church Fellowship [Milwaukee: Northwestern Publishing House, 1996], pp. 63-64)

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I still use books. I own no laptop and my frugal helpmeet doesn't see the need for a laptop as I fight Internet addiction.

One electronic resource I enjoy is The Apostolic Bible. Now that I have the electronic copy, I can order a hard copy for a discounted price.

Rev. Larry Beane introduced me to The Apostolic Bible. It rocks.

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The Walther quote is from a CTSFW print shop volume called "Old Standard Gospels" translated by Rev. Donald Heck.