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I do concur. Pakistan is just as much our enemy as Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. Pakistani ISI agents are behind a lot of the problems that we are facing over in that area. The Taliban was backed by Pakistan after the Soviet - Afghan war. The ISI has a lot of people with ties to the Taliban, either through blood, or by tribes. In addition, you have a lot of Islamic Radicals in the ISI who sympathize with the Taliban, and Al-Qaeda. Unfortunately, the current American administration does not have the fortitude to stand up tell the Pakistanis one more time, either you are with us, or against us. If you are against us, then you will face the full force of American's military. Also, stop the aid to Pakistan. All of it too. Especially the military hardware, then the money. They do not need it they are our enemy. Use the money here in the United States, or give the money back to China to pay off our debt.

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Can we all say in unison, JACKASS!!! Being a former Marine, listening to this Jack Ass, just makes me want to smack the shit out of him!

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Needs to be more reporting like this! Keep up the good work devil dogs!

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You are so right Robert. The sad thing is that most Americans do not realize how much influence the Saudi Regime has world wide on promoting their astute brand of Islam. The Saudis are playing the US like a game. They (pump the money we give them for oil) into building mosques, and Islamic publications, and also into hate doctrine. Then, the extremist take it out on the West. Its a vicious cycle that this government doesn't get.

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BO knows what is going on. BO's inner most circle, know what is going on at the border. This President has finally proven to American that he is the most far left President ever! Why is it so important to the President to show Islam that America is second to it ? Let's face it, Hezbollah is a arm of Iran. If Iran gets the bomb, be sure of it Israel will bomb them. In turn, Iran will release Hezbollah. The fact that Hezbollah is in South America if very frightening in it self; not to mention the fact they are trying to convert Hispanics to Shia Islam! Our borders are dangerous enough. It's time for this administration to step up to the plate and do what it is supposed to do. Think about this; with Hezbollah in South America, not to mention the ones that are in the US, Hezbollah could easily launch an attack on America causing great damage.

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The President screwed this up from the beginning. Let us not forget that the "Chosen One " has not political experience at prior to being elected President. I do not count his 100 days as a Senator of Illinois. He was a COMMUNITY ORGANIZER!! He was in the back pockets of the Unions while being a Community Organizer. BO does not care at all about the Gulf. We he cares about is his Progressive Agenda, and lining the pockets of his Progressive friends, like George Sorros.....

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Since BO has taken over as President, he has been "Fundamentally Transforming" the US. Most people that voted for BO only voted for him because of his race. Let's face it, that is the truth. I can not tell you how many people of color I have asked, "Why did you vote for BO?" The answer, "Cause he black". Unfortunately, while many people were caught up in the wave of euphoria of "Change" and the fact that a "Black" man that wasn't like Jessie Jackson was running for President, forgot to really learn about this man. Glenn Beck did a show on how BO was raised. I'm sure many American's did not realize that both his parents were radicals, and his grandparents were radicals. His favorite poet was also a radical. BO said while in college that "he" went straight to the radical and Marxist professors. He spent 20 years in Jeremiah Wrights pew listening to his rants about how bad America is. This man (BO) never had a chance to like America. So, with that, why would anyone believe that he wants the very best for our country? This president has done so much against protocol in his effort to "Fundamentally Change" our great Republic. Now the Left, and all the haters of our Constitution have their man in office; Something they (the Left) have been trying to do since the 60s. However, with his "Change" Americans have waken up to see the slow demise of our country. Now, with the Tea Party movement, and with the "BIG" possibility that the Republicans will sweep the elections in 2011, they are turning to what I call, "Political Racism" The Left can not except the fact that they are slowly but surely, losing the grip that they had in both the house and senate, and eventually the White House.

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Well, I hope the people that voted for "Change" are happy in the direction of this country. "Fundamentally Change the Country!" I think he (Obama) is doing just what he said. So why are people, especially the people that voted for him! Now unfortunately, the country is about to be no more. The government is slowly caving into PC through groups such as CAIR, SEIU, and ACORN. Also, think about are President when he was a child. Glen Beck on his program air such a case against the President. Both his parents were Marxist, his grandparents had Leftist ties, his favorite poet was a Leftist. He went to college, and with his on admission, sought out Marxist Professors. His former Pastor, Jeremiah Wright is also a far Left loon. Is "Spiritual Leader" now is also a Leftist, who is all for redistribution of wealth. Sound a little strange? I do not think that would have worked with Bush. Either way, this man is out to destroy our great republic. It is a shame that so many have given their lives to the great republic, only to have it slowly destroyed because of a hand full of people that truly hate this great country. Ask yourself this, why is he allowing the enemy to have rights? Why is he removing the word Islamic out of government literature? Why is he surrounding himself with Far Left loons? Why is he just going to pull out of Afghanistan so fast? Why is he tying the hands of our troops? Why did he and his minions push so hard for the stimulus? OOpps (now the jobs bill) What about this new health care that was just shoved down our throats? American's are not dumb people. However, this administration continues to treat us condescendingly. While slowly making government bigger. I pray each day that, just one American will wake up and say, " I get it!" This administration is going to destroy us! Then, they stand up and spread the word about getting our country back ( tea party). Please, please wake up and take a stand against this administration before it is too late!

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Mr. Rumain, you should watch this video.