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The American people are asleep and will allow the government to start any war it wants to. Israel is indeed pushing us to attack Iran, because of their nuclear program, but it is Israel that possesses nuclear weapons aimed at Iran. It is Israel that is the rogue nuclear state, not Iran. Wake up America! US media-learn to tell Americans all of the facts so we don't remain fools!

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Thanks for reporting on this Max. The world must end these sadistic actions, but only the US can stop it, and very simply too, by ending the flood of weapons to Israel. It is our government, our money and our morality at stake.

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Don't get discouraged ProJustice. Get invoved with Boycot,Disinvestment and Sanctions. what governments are not doing to stop Israeli crimes, the people can. Also, check out, a new Pac that is propeace, projustice. It is our miserable Congress that is preventing real change by being slaves to AIPAC. This is our country, and we must work to change our Congress. The momentum and Justice are on the side of the Palestinians. The whole world knows this, and even sleepwalking americans are waking up to this. Let's work together to do this. There are many of us. Get active in the ways stated above. Don't despair.

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And yet another war with Americans fast asleep and obediently following the warmakers bringing death and destuction whereever they go, and ruining our country morrally and financially at the same time. Wake up americans. Don't allow this to happen. Tell this administratin and Congress now, no to war with Iran! Do it today!

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The zionists have bought our congressmen and women and they do what the zionists tell them to do. Unless we play their game and buy the polititions to vote against Israel by ending aid to them, we will continue to be Israel's puppet. Israel is succeeeding in all areas to have all of Paleestine and drive the non Jews out. They have stolen so much of the West Bank and settled it that a two state solution is not possible. There must be one state with equal rights for Jews and nonJews. The Jews, however, will never accept that, unless the US stops proping up this zionist state. Zionism is indeed racism.

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As I said, we are a nation of fools to permit this. How do we stop this? By having a pac that challenges the dominance of the Israel Lobby.

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I cna't say it better than Baz. Our country should be called the United States of Israel.

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Also, the reason the American people are in favor of attackin Iran in some cases is because they don't know about the comment I wrote above. The neocons, who are Zionists, largely control the dialogue on this issue, and they hide the facts from the American people as well as hiding the facts of Israel's criminal treatment of the Palestinians for decades. The Zionists have our Congress as their puppets, and the media as their puppets. It is only the internet where Americans can read the truth, otherwise it is always Israeli hasbara-their word for propaganda- which they do so well.

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Iran signed the NPT. Israel did not. Iran has no nuclear wepons, Israel has about 200. Iran allows UN inspector in, Israel does not. Iran voted for a nuclear free middle east, Israel was the only country to vote against it. Iran has not attacked another country in over 3oo years, Israel attacks it;s neighbors almost yearly, and TARGETS civillians. I ask you, who is the trhreat to world peace? Who is the hostile rogue nation? The answer is clear, it is Israel, not Iran. The facts speak for themselves.

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The problem is that Israel's apartheid policies-Jewish Only settlements and roads, as well as house demolitions of Non-Jewish homes, the assault on Gaza. ect., is creating anti-Jewish feeling since Israel has declared itself a Jewish state. Most Israelies want the non-Jews ethnically cleansed, so they can have a purely Jewish state. They are the ones who have become racists. Do you agree with this?