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SAM voice?

I used a system called Musicalc. Anyone else compose with that or SAM? It sure is surprising what you could get out of that little machine.

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Micky Dolenz song with the Monkeys featuring the Moog-- "Daily Nightly"

It's on YouTube.

Guess what-- he's making flying saucer noises!

Ok. You beat me to it.

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They should keep it. Take $10000 and restore it to pristine condition and use it for a change, because it really is a piece of musical history they'll be whining about letting go of in another 20 years or so. Bet it won't take that long!

This one isn't just another 3p either (though all were custom built). Someone sometime took extra care ordering or built onto this guy, used it a few years, and then probably retired or something. Then the "brainiacs" packed it up and stored it away-- for decades! Must be one hell of a musical department there. One that only makes "real" music. (remember that crap?)

But the old Big Moog has lost it's snot appeal for Berkeley and they have all the flying saucer samples they need, so off she goes.

I remember when our local college got one, a 15, on loan for a year and only special people could touch it, the rest of us (students) could look, from the doorway, if we were especially well behaved-- and clean. They were particularly snotty about having it. Just like they knew what they were doing with it. It's probably in some guys attic under a half ton of unused and burned out Christmas decorations in Pittsburgh now.

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I updated to 10.7 the day it was released without any fears but I expected there would be a few hitches. So far-- none really. At least none that were not already issues explained by developers.

NI's Fm8 and Absynth 5 both working fine under Logic Pro 9, even the 64 bit versions, however, FM8's standalone has some problem closing down. There's probably some other things too but NI's working on it.

Logic Pro 9, works just fine.
GarageBand 11, works just fine.
Numerology Pro 3, works just fine.

I have 99 plugins added to Logic all working at least the same as before. Same with Garageband and Numerology. Actually, some plugins seem to be working better; for example, Arturia's Moog Modular V and Minimoog V both are behaving better and are very stable. They were before under Snow Leopard after a clean install and the latest updates from Arturia, but seem even better now using either 32 bit mode or the wrapper. I still have some plugs to check yet but all worked just loading and checking for audio. We'll see anything down the road if there is a problem.

I don't use things that are half-assed. So no Automap! I have Novation XL, Akai, and Korg controllers and all seem to be functioning well, that is, as they were intended to by the manufactures.

You know, if one gets rid of that silly attitude about brand loyalty and go look for yourself you just might find the Apple makes some pretty good stuff. No one will go to hell if you don't like it and use something else. Oh yeah, you won't get a cut of Steve's for praising it either. You just pay money to someone and take a ride so have some fun.

No real problems to report with Lion. No kitties suffered and my puppies don't care about Apple.

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Real Electronic Music(™)

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It got dem blinkity lights too! Ooooh!

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Yeah, lots of hours between the speakers.... Any depth comes from having to justify why I was listening to and spending so much money just to make a noise like that! It was great!

I made my whole family sit and listen to Tomita's "Snowflakes Are Dancing" when it came out and they had thought I was spending way too much time with a soldering iron and headphones. :)

Anyway, Kieth's Moog is iconic, it is THE prop for his show, and when people see it standing there on stage it says, "Welcome back my friends...."

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I was inspired by that piece. I was so young but I thought the song so moving if you just listened, especially since the Spector of Viet Nam was just a few years away from me.

Well, I liked that sound so much that I practically quit every other instrument and eventually the use of the clavier to input data preferring sequencers instead. Such a sound was so unusual at the time and caught everyone's attention. To me, with the arrival of synth-pop in the 80's the synthesizer just became a rinky-dink piano toy in popular music and lost it's balls.

Artistically, that piece at the end is so fitting! It is abstracted bagpipes piping the Lucky Man from this world to beyond with the decent into Death at the lowest tones, the struggle to live is eventually lost. If you think about it the filter is like the life spark descending after. It's sad. Listen to it.

Then again, I could just be reading that into it. Ha!

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Hey! Thanks for this one. I haven't seen this performance in a long time. Nice piece of Fusion.

I got to see this live when I was a kid--seemed very much longer and had a few more parts: "Frankenstein" = monster made of many parts. Seen it on TV several times too-- all different and fitting the ambient mood. They played to their audience, something that is not done anymore, and they were very good at it.

Still don't think I could look cool wearing a strap-on though. But Winter-- doesn't seem to matter, Ha!

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Very Cool!

Things like this and the Novachord are fascinating. Let us know what is happening with this restoration.