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First of, this guy is a d-bag for say that it was a like a concentration camp.....really j@cka$$?!?! You were put into a huge closed of room, then all of a sudden gas began filling the room, until, you, your wife, and children were all killed for no reason at all? I thought you had effed up, and they didnt cater to your whinea$$ ..........spoiled pig.

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Spend more time in Hastings....no homies there....

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I still do not understand why these people dont get the death penalty INSTANTLY!

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You are filled with alot of anger, in such a trying time. I feel a TON of sympathy for the family of the woman who was injured, as well as the man who was killed in this ACCIDENT. I also feel for the driver of the semi, who now has to deal with the life long guilt of taking someones life. Sure, he may not have been injured, but I gaurantee he is scarred. You make it sound like the guy had his crosshairs on killing someone today. Accidents happen all over the country, in all kinds of weather, at all times of day, and night. When it's your time, it's your time.

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Thank you GRPD for everything you do. You guys are part of the few that do what the negative, whining, law breaking idiots do not have the balls to do. I hope the message was sent to the thugs of the city, and I pray that the officer involved has no guilty feelings about this. He did BEYOND what he was called to do.

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Granholm should have had a "No Late Merge" Day....if that hooker can infringe on my fridge, why not the safe driving on our states crappy roads? :D

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herbivores have eyes on the sides of their heads, to spot prey. Carnivores have eyes on the front of their heads to spot prey (herbivores) where are yours? Thats right, rabbit food first, then the rabbit.

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Thank you Byron Center Meats!!! BTW, they're also a great place to get your deer processed in the fall! Get the Mole out soon!

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this is a time to go above her, and do it. you never know, and neither does she, your life, and hers may depend on it. I'm not a fanatical gun owner, just not willing to leave my kids and wife without a fighting for my life first..

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He took the life of a thug, one that obviously wielding a gun was willing to take the life of an innocent person. If he was a desperate father, looking to feed his family, trying to kill someone while robbing them is a bad proffesion. I have been struggling too, but there ARE jobs out there, I found one, I keep my family fed, kids clothed, etc., No one was ROBBED. How about this punk , and his ilk take responsibility for thier actions.....you walk into a party store, with a gun out....well, you just may get killed by your very own gun. Live by the sword, you die by the sword. BTW, I'm a CCW holder, and am beyond happy this situation was handled the way it was.