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Hey Deap,

There are two ways you can write an app for facebook. One is using facebook scripting language e.g. using FBJS, FQL etc. and second is opening in IFrame. But in both ways one has to use facebook's server side APIs.

Opening in IFrame gives more flexibiliy to developers where as if a person start writing there codes in FBJS sometimes it is impossible to devlope. BIGMaps is offering there maps APIs for public use. And using this API this bigmaps app has been created. Which is very easy to create using iframe but if you dont want to use iframe and directly try to run it in facebook, facebook wont allow it. So only option is re-writing entire Maps APIs in FBJS. Which is years of work.

Most of the famous apps on facebook are working in IFrame, if you are unware of this fact.

e.g. tripadvisortravelmap (http://apps.facebook.com/tripadvisortravelmap/) which has millions of users works on google map and opens in facebook using iframe, pointed to http://www.tripadvisor.com/FaceBook/FACEBOOK

second is Bejeweled Blitz a gem-swapping puzzler, also works in iframe. http://apps.facebook.com/bejeweledblitz

These apps have millions of users.