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I totally agree with your comment. I wouldn't give one cent to AW just because of the hard line Scott and other contributors take against what they call "truthers". Anyone who has actually spent any time researching the events and repercussions of 9/11 knows how interconnected these events were to the topics of sites like Antiwar.com, Democracynow.com. But, for some reason these media outlets seem to stay away from connecting the dots of the bigger picture in fear of what?

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I was replying to "A Patriot" who was saying that not believing 4000gal of fuel traveling at 600 mph took down the buildings (including WTC7) makes us retarded or subversive. Meanwhile the FEMA and NIST reports cant even conclude that this theory is solid. I guess my slight sarcasm wasn't clear there.

Ive watched most of the Neils Harrit videos and have even been to a Richard Gage presentation and dont believe the Official fable, so, I guess I'm either a retard or subvert or both (Subvertarded?)

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@ A Patriot:
Explain WTC7. Even FEMA and NIST cant fully explain it.

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Damn, that was going to be my costume. You going as fatty Osama or Fake spray on beard Osama?

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Picked a good day not to commute to Seattle from Olympia for work.

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Vitamin D3 instead of Poison laced shots.