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becouse it's not their idea!

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If he has a problem, why don't he just spit it out! Complaining about a ad! Must be more to it than that. Of course Newt never been a pulpit guy like Huckabee. I guess a Mormon would be more to his liking

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I'm not a Paul supporter but if he wins he deserves the respect of the people for the majority have spoken. For a Governor, any Governor to say ignore the winner should be ignored come his/her upcoming election

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Now talk about tooten your own horn. No conceit in his family, he's got it all! Must have been a misprint. The fourth worst President ever. Even that's bragging on him.

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About as much as Cains!

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I happen to agree with this article 100%

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Any one who thinks the supreme court doesn't run this country is kidding themselves. And how they will interpret the constitution will depend on what party was in power when these judges were appointed, It's not suppose to make any difference but it does. So, if the tenth amendment center interprets it one way, ( and are probably right) will not make any difference. So if the case goes in front of more liberal judges than conservative judges you're probable going to lose. The opposite if more conservative judges. and the supreme court justices are there for life.
That's the way it is now and that's the way it's always been. That's the reason the Arizona immigration law went the way it did,there was a Clinton appointed judge.

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Quote; "Note the wording – dusty annals of American history. In other words, nullification isn’t really something to take seriously. It’s old. (He re-emphasizes that point when he mentions Jefferson “philosophical guidance” 211 years ago.) Old means irrelevant and arcane. And if it’s old, irrelevant and arcane, you need not pay attention to it."

I wonder if Mr. Miller would say the same of the 14th Amendment. Just sayin!

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Right and in a straight jacket, so she cant Wave those bony arms.