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The first Pledge of Allegiance here in the USA said:
I pledge Allegiance to my flag and
then it was changed to say I pledge Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America
Soon it will say I pledge Allegiance to the flag of Israel...

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To Pariah you need to read some history. Over 700 Turks died in Korea, not a single Israeli. Our great ally Israel tried to sink the USS Liberty in June 1967 killing 34 US sailors. Some ally. Some one in Israel should try using their brains. They worry that someday Iran will get the bomb and use it on Israel. Maybe Israel will get the Turks to preempt Iran. As a member of NATO they have forty B-61 bombs with a yield up to 170Kt. Incirlik to Tel Aviv 300 miles.

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The US called for elections for the Gaza Strip in 2006, and OMG Hamas won. The US then attempted to over turn the election victory by force using Fatah, and Fatah lost. So its a lie to say that Hamas violently overran the Gaza Strip in June 2007.

Turkey is a member of NATO, and a Turkish ship was attacked on the high seas by Israel. Why hasn't NATO responded with force? In the Korean War, Turkey supplied approximately 5000 troops and suffered about 700 KIA. Israel supplied no troops at all. Turkey has never attacked a US vessel on the high seas but Israel attacked the USS Liberty in June 1967. Beats me as to why Israel is called an ally, and Turkey is not.