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That's all I've got.

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Give in to the dark side! >=)

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Yes, I will be getting this game. I'm already planning an "organized" effort with one of the player communities that I belong to. You could say that I've been waiting for SW:TOR since Star Wars Galaxies came out and underwhelmed everyone.

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I think the amount of zombie media will eventually taper off to "normal" levels, but no, it doesn't bother me. Zombies are my favorite "movie monsters."

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I finally played the first Uncharted earlier this year. Loved it! I'll be getting Uncharted 2 after I catch up on a few games.

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I'm waiting for an Alan Wake "Game of the Year" Edition to come out that has the complete game (i.e. all episodes). =D

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IMHO, Nolan hasn't made a bad movie. Just the opposite - they've all been very good to excellent. I'm not really sure what this movie is about either, but he's earned my trust. I'm sure it'll be excellent. =)

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I honestly don't want Avatar until they produce a 3D Blu-Ray version.

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I'm one of apparently two people on the planet that liked Terminator Salvation. I wouldn't call it a "great movie", but it wouldn't come anywhere near my "worst" list as I can easily think of other movies to put in my top 5. That said, I agree with the rest of the list, The Box being the one possible exception (only because I haven't seen it).

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Yep, I got DA:O on the PS3 (as I didn't have a working 360 at the time). I've played one full game (Human Warrior - Templar/Champion) and through the the "origin" parts of the other stories. I've got a second game on one of them that I've logged about 20 hours in to (Dalish Elf - Ranger/Duelist). I like ME more than DA:O as well. That's not to say I don't like DA:O - I love it - but ME feels like a better crafted game in all areas.