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'Vodaphone' ? Seriously ?
You couldn't have even take 5 minutes to do a spell/sanity check and confirm some of your facts before posting.

Arrington - standards of otherwise great group of TC writers are brought down by 1.

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Excellent all round article. Top class MG!

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Another bit of good news I see from all this, is that with the super low power, fast A4 processor put into a smaller iPad, surely that would mean HUGE increases in battery life - which is music to my ears!

Totally agree on the extra RAM being needed, especially with all the new features being released. Ideally we don't want the iPhone 4G almost phased out from the OS released in 2012 (like the iPhone 3G will be after release of OS4.0 and its inability to cope with multi-tasking).

Perhaps Steve's 'and another thing' moment will be the introduction of more than 1 model of iPhone 4G, one with 256mb and another with 512mb ?

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O, the irony that this article appeared in my feed above an ad for an interracial romance site. Nice one TC!

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After reading Tim and netgrrl's comments I feel I am now forced to switch after singing Byline praises for so long (still think it was the best in the beginning of RSS apps).

If there were a few things that I was looking for outside of Byline, it would be speed, Twitter integration and fast, guaranteed sync'ing (byline is notoriously slow and doesn't always sync items despite having an active connection).

Thanks for the great review Thomas.

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Agreed. Those rock! Can I get them delivered to the UK?

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I am surprised you've experienced that as I've never heard of that issue from a number of people I know who are using the software.

Have you installed both of the updates ? The last one dealt with some stability issues (as per the release notes).
If you're having similar problems with other apps, it might be due to low available memory and a reset might do the trick.

If neither of these help, I would suggest firing off an email to the developers to see if its something they have come across.

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@Rip yes, its an excellent app and as far as I know it makes use of a similar database of numbers that you will find on SayNoTo0870
@aflorence No, O2 didn't succeed in the end, the app is available here http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa...

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So at this point for multiple accounts, you can have Google sync, GPush and now PushGmail all running at once. Pushing and popping up alerts.