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I am just so shocked. I just watched Andrew on Piers Tonight the other day discussing the primaries. I loved watching Andrew go after the hypocrites. I hope he taught us all how to continue the fight. I know he will be watching from heaven so I don't want to disappoint him. I pray for his wife and children. I know what it is like to lose a loved one unexpectedly and it is a pain I wish on no one. Andrew was just so amazing. He cannot be replaced, but hopefully those of you who worked with him will continue on and I will definitely be there along with you every step of the way, as I am sure many of us will. Do Andrew proud!!

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I am happy to see people fighting back against the BS that the leftist media has been trying to cram down our throats for years now. My idea of heaven will be no Katie Couric, Chris Matthews, Bill Mayer, Janeane Garofalo and people like them. They are trying desperately to ruin this country and now they have Obama at their helm. This November is critical. This country has to be put back on the right track by stopping Obama's agenda in its tracks. It is the only hope we have left. Go figure, the guy who writes a book called the audacity of hope has taken all hope from the people of America.

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This whole situation is just heartbreaking. It seems as though every time you turn on your television these days there is another child missing, or another wife missing. It is just horrible and disturbing. What people are capable of is frightening. Please whoever knows anything about Kyron, please, please, please tell the police and God I hope this child is still alive and found safe. Prayers for Kyron and his family.

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It seems to make sense to me that if you want to avoid life in prison, here's a thought, don't commit murder or rape or whatever it takes to get life in prison. It baffles my mind that people care more for the person in prison than the person they harmed to get there. What about the families torn apart by what this person did? Seriously? It sounds like a good Proposition to me. All arguments that people can get rehabilitated are lost on me when I see people with huge rap sheets out committing more crimes over and over and over. What about the girls who were killed in San Diego recently? They were killed again by a repeated offender. It is always people living in high end neighborhoods who want criminals released because they will not be affected. If your child, sister, brother, mother, father were killed by someone, are you telling me you are going to care about the person who did it? I suggest those who disagree with the proposition all go move to some happy little island somewhere and make their funky laws and take all the prisoners with you.

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What seems to escape Ms. O'Donnell's brain is several issues. Issue one: She rails against corporations, etc., yet she wants a television show which would of course be sponsored and paid for by a corporation. Issue two: She believes our government conspired to bring down the WTC, yet she wants our government to seize private enterprise and run everything. Issue three: She is way too mean and nasty for anyone to pay attention to her, let alone watch her on television. She is far too polarizing and not well liked by pretty much everyone. She says what she says because she is starving for attention and this is the only way she can get it. It is pretty pathetic really. In what world does Ms. O'Donnell think that she gets to decide everything for everyone, or who died and left her the boss? I sincerely wish this woman would just look in the mirror if she wants to see a hypocrite and realize that she is one of the most closed-minded individuals around. She wants gay acceptance, yet she has absolutely no room for acceptance of anyone else in her heart. It is a shame she has children to taint with her hateful bigoted viewpoint of the world and its people.