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I won't vote for the Greens, but I certainly want to hear what she says.

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You have to push yourself. So far, I'm my Onc's star pupil.

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I'm an 8 yr stage 4 cancer surviver.

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check out the following link. IIRC it was the cons who brought in 0/40 then 3/35 mortgatges.

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One of the problems is that there are not enough nursing homes available that the elderly can afford. My husband and I cared for my elderly, but mobile and alert Mother for 4 years. She had macular degeneration and other health issues. My brothers & sisters promised they would take turns having her at their place on weekends. That didn't happen. Finally we found a govt. run nursing home, which not only cared for the elderly, but younger disabled persons. Each of us would take turns having her for a weekend. I still feel guilty about putting her in the home. She shared a room with a 98 yr old woman who was bed ridden. She feared becoming like her. One morning, a yr or 2 yrs later. She had dressed herself to go down for breakfast and they found her beside her bed. Not sure if it was a heart attack or stroke, but Drs thought it was instantaneous. We were thankful she did not suffer for long - her greatest fear. She was 86.

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They spend tax dollars like money is going out of style reannouncing previous announcements. And the cons artists accused the Liberals of vote buying. LOL

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I doubt that PM SH will call an election until the 'royal couple' have left Canada.

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Totally agree. Better to be prepared than sorry. We'll end up using all the stuff we bought anyway and it may take a few hours to secure all our deck furniture, etc. but would rather do that than it do damage to our place or a neighbours.

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This time will fill up our bathtub also to flush toilet. Before Juan we did not get proper notification. At least the weather was mild then. I stayed up watching that howling wind until wee hours in the morning. It was fascinating, but scary. We and other neighbours had lots of downed trees. Thankfully, our experiences were minor in comparison to those who experienced the ice storm in PQ, Ont. and other places.

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Bologna :-) Have already bought our stock of wine and other than things being tied down on upper & lower deck, we're ready.