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Ah yes, the definition of class.....the American left, some of whom shouted obscenities and clapped while protesting at burials of American servicemen killed in action in Iraq.

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Perceptive post. While I know it's certainly possible, it's hard to believe the left "misread" the backlash of the American people to their overreaching statism. Call me a paranoid conservative but I am very suspicious of the left's plan to somehow circumvent the American people by some sort of voter fraud in the next elections. Obviously, it's another kind of fraud when the radical left pose as centrists. I'm very thankful to Breitbart for the grass roots movement and its vigilance to a clean election.

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Newsweek's Evan Thomas "Well our job is to bash the President. That's what we do." Mr.Thomas seems to have left out one very important word......Republican. Or does his description of Obama as "kinda godlike" qualify as bashing?

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Arrogance, untruthfulness and uncompromising behaviour have spelled disaster for the Dems. What is a legitimate worry for conservatives however, is whether their tactics are kamikaze or do they really have plans to steal the upcoming elections in some way? Be very wary, and vigilant, of universal voter registration

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Even Orwell missed on the extremists' claim that bitter cold weather is caused by global warming. Republicans better make hay of Climate Gate for it's been gift wrapped by the Dems. Who wants to be scammed into job losses and higher energy bills?

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I don't think that Mr. Meyers is inferring that Virginia benefits per se from the insistance of having an account at this particular credit union other than a guarantee that they can ACH the loan owed to them. However there is something that I refer to as "crony capitalism" whereby the credit union benefits directly from a government program. The bigger question is, should the government usurp private industry by "competing unfairly" with said industry? This program, in effect, becomes a microcosm of government picking winners and losers.

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Exhibit one that the government can't compete with the private sector without stacking the deck. PDL companies have to deal with payroll and other operating expenses and defaults that are in the 7-20% range, all the while dealing with political grandstanding and state regulation. The state of Virginia forces it's PDL "customers" to have an account at a state credit union(with the attending NSF fees that can be accrued) AND more importantly has control of their "customers" paychecks. Now that's a "risk" (with taxpayer money) that ANY red blooded American entrepreneur would love to take. What's also galling is only state employees have the benefit of this service. Virginia's treatment of their PDL industry is just further proof that paternalistic politicians don't understand the needs of working people who seek access to these PDL's.

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hockeynation, will quote a drunken John Riggins at a beltway function where he was seated at a table with an uptight Sandra Day O'Conner........"Lighten up Sandy."
P.S. I gave you a point because when you mentioned common sense in your reply I thought you were referring to my post. So I take it back. Sorry, I know you need the troll points.

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Guest, you wascally wabbit, it's called parody. Should have substituted signing up for registering but can't tweak now because of your reply. The fact that Mickey doesn't exist as a voter still didn't stop an ACORN chapter from signing up Mickey, among others, apparently to meet some quota so the registrar could get paid.

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Your right, my mistake. You missed figure being misspelled, but one out of two's not bad. Speaking of the number two, I believe numb nuts is two words. DUMB ASS