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I want to see this so badly.

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This plan is like the product of a torrid affair between Georges Melies and a squirrel.

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I've gone through about three Sennheiser PX100 headphones in the last 5 years. These headphones were liable to get caught on objects when I wasn't looking and end up damaging the cord. I ended up patching the exposed wiring that resulted with electrical tape to keep the whole thing going. Until of course, the pair's final death where the cord wrapped around a train seat armrest and I chose to lunge forward out of my seat. All things everywhere split open and I was left with a few more parts than I started out with.

Also, my dad's 13 year old car has the material lining the ceiling held up by staples.

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Eli's dialogue in the last panel is comic perfection.

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The "Excerpts by Bryan Fuller" is a credit due to the flashbacks and old footage they used from the Pilot.

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Asian dudes do not get a lot of representation in Western media. Seriously, there are only so many John Cho characters I can cosplay as.

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My biggest problem with following io9 is when a friend offhandedly mentions "Oh, I heard they're making a new Star Trek" and I can rattle of the entire production schedule, the plot outline, casting rumours and production issues. Cue the looks of fear/wonderment.

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Okay that middle panel is the best thing ever.

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Doomsday Punch: Strong enough to fell Superman!

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I'm going to go with the moment in Wonderfalls where Jaye's being held hostage in the store and Eric comes to talk to her before leaving and she's forced to brush him off to save him.