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You've got it backwards. The rest of the world outnumbers the Muslim world 4 to 1. Your billion adherents are mostly inhabitants of poor and backward countries. The rich ones, like Dubai, squander their wealth on fancy toys and austentacious displays of wealth meant to hide the empty shell of Islam and what it represents while the poor Muslim "brother" starves or has his hand out to the Christian Western world for aid. The lesson to learn here is for the Muslim. History tells us that it is very dangerous to be wealthy, weak and beligerent. The Saudis, UAE, etc. would be wise to learn that lessons. The ass kicking is coming.

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As long as Muslims were slaughtering Muslims in Islamic countries, no one cared. Quite frankly, I still don't. I believe that only a willful idiot could follwo ISLAM knowing it for what it is. The Muslims have been forced out of countries before and they should be forced out again. Unfortunately, the same Europen liberal (and Americam liberal) policies that let them in will fight to protect them no matter how obvious the danger. Sectarian violence is coming to America and Europe except that the carnage will be far worse than Israel. When we hit the flash point, there will be a slaughter. The politicians had best wake up. The peoples of Europe & America do not have unlimited patience.