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I don't think it was a heavy workload that killed him anymore than it was regression. His peripherals were awful the entire year, even when his ERA was low; it was just a matter of time before the laws of baseball caught up to him.

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Thole Ole Ole

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This is one a little tougher than usual, but I'll guess Dickey.

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This what I have to say......

1) 6 IP, 2 ER for Maine. Wasn't all that pretty, and I've ragged on Maine all year, but its hard to complain about those results.

2) Matthews and Catalanotto have to go. I know I'm probably just preaching to the choir, but my God, these guys are incredibly frustrating. What's worse is Jerry somehow fails to realize this, as evident to tonight and the other games Jerry decided to get Gary Matthews Jr. in the field. I mean, its quite simple -- more at bats for Gary Matthews, more failure. Jerry calling on him to pinch hit in a spot where you need contact was just a terrible managerial decision. Why the hell would you send up the guy whose strikeout rate, coming into tonight, was nearly 40% (!!!!) this year. I just don't get it. Why Jerry, why? You NEED to make contact in that spot, and Matthews was the worse possible player to call on with the way hes been whiffing.

3) Pedro Feliciano. He can't handle righties. If the batting order due up is lefty-righty-lefty, sure, I can live with Pedro coming in. But otherwise, he needs to strictly be used against lefties. His numbers vs righties career-wise aren't good at all (5.22 BB/9, 5.08 FIP), and his numbers this year vs them are pretty underwhelming too: 7 IP, 6 hits, 8 BB (!), 5 K.

4) It would also be nice if Jose Reyes and Jason Bay woke up. Jose has been flat out terrible while Bay has just not hit for power (I can live with the ~.250 AVG/.350 OBP, but the < .400 SLG is absolutely intolerable). I'm pretty sure both of them will get themselves righted though, eventually. Hopefully it happens sooner rather than later. I would put Jose back in the leadoff spot where hes most comfortable.

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Has to be Tatis.

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Pahaha I used that Harry Potter line in a Tweet to Ian O'Connor...

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Ugh. This loss really sucked. Kinda felt like the 2nd game of the year in 2008 when we faced the Marlins...

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Or... 'No One' by Alicia Keys.