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What does BEWARE imply here?? I read a veiled threat in the tone. Is this the level what Bragta's supporters have stooped to?

This is a post of the previous year and we all have seen what has happened this year. The neglect which had continued for the past year, the end result can be seen this year.

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Tribune also have done a story on this issue today.

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The link for the third part is mentioned below the article. Thanks for being here

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Very well said Anuj. Govt has affidavits from people who have encroached govt. land. It seems to be happy sitting over them and doing nothing.

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2 years a long time for the investigation to start. What if the police is not able to recover the girl alive or not able to find her body, if god forbid she has been killed. The accused will walk away scot free. It is the concerned investigation officer and his superiors who should be booked.

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It is a good initiative in spirit but practically it may burden the poor in the state. Well off people hardly send their children to government schools. These schools cater to the people of the society. The new order would mean extra burden on the family as normally a family has 2-3 school going children.

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He is very candid about the police force. Good to see at least he has an open mind

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Dear Apple Grower

I knew this was coming, so have mentioned the links in my article. Please go through them again. My point here is on one hand Mr. Bragta and BJP is making so much noise over the commission being stopped where as the reality is different. Now try telling this to farmers in the villages who are reading a different story all together in the newspapers.

If by 'lonely battle' you mean to say Mr. Bragta is doing a great favor only to the farmers, then I would like to disagree here. He is a politician and his future political career and the fortunes of BJP in Shimla district is dependent on this issue alone. Mr. Bragta and his party fought the election on the same issue. He has to take responsibility of a watchman and cannot shy away from this.

As you said - This directive was for the Delhi Govt to implement and not for Mr Bragta - He seemed in too much hurry to start the celebrations. Wasn't he?

Someone could have told him what an interim stay order means!!

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Yes Varun, the vendor must be trying fooling the tourists and even if 10 people buy at the end of day, he has made the killing. The worrisome factor is growers do not get anything at the end of the day..

God save us from the dragon... Apple from China is a certainty...