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Hey Kristof -

It does - the plugin has a whole list of options including an input field that accepts html or you can use the WYSIWYG editor tinyMCE. Here's a screenshot of the plugin options:

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Are you using FF? Keyframes don't work in 4.0 yet.

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I agree with you Kevin! Clients (I think) are looking for confident designers with a strong process. If they don't know they are looking for that, they will like it when they do find it!

The process isn't something the designer is doing by themselves either, its a partnership. Oh... I feel another blog post coming on!

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Hi Mindy -

Thanks for the comment! I welcome your critique on my site design. I've been wanting to redesign this ugly thing for.. well a while. But alas - the cobblers children have no shoes. :)

Thanks for reminding me that I need to refresh my site design.

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I usually exercise in the morning (aka biking to work) but i like to have a bit of food just before - half a protein bar and some water, or a banana. Need some energy from something. I usually consume something 30-45 mins before.

Love the concept behing this blog!

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Totally agree Dan! Its hard not to sit there and be overwhelmed by all the things you want to learn. I sat paralyzed for too long like that until i just decided to suck it up and do something (and sleep alot less). I'm tired but its worth it!

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Thanks Laurence!

Any thoughts on online vs offline design community? Any events you attend or recommend?

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hah! how could I forget about barcamp? I went to a day of bar camp boston this weekend... although it was REALLY heavy on the dev side (it was held at MIT so i cant blame them)

Perhaps i'll go again next year and do a session on design!

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Hey Andrew - thanks for the link on using black - super helpful!