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Great stuff! As a designer, it kind of boggles my mind that most of my peers don't know how to translate a design into HTML and CSS. This is such an essential skill, and without it, you're creating a barrier between yourself and people doing the work of slicing up the layout.

I have to disagree with one point though. I think that a designer that has an understanding of marketing is going to be much better off when it comes to branding an app and creating a consistent experience across products. For me, this is an essential skill that I utilize when doing any design work. I'm not Ryan Singer though, so :)

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LOL :)

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I'm all about education. What do you think about this, Carson?

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Hey Ryan! Paul, we've met. :D

Sorry you don't feel IE6Update is the way to go. We understand the taboo of duping a UI element, but often times, IE6 users don't understand the difference between their browser and the Internet. Think about that for just a second...

Done21 is my company, but by day I'm a software engineer at a healthcare consulting firm, and to say that I've worked with large populations of IE6 users is putting it lightly. From my experience, I've found that explanations and education go a long way, but some users will just never understand, or care to understand. IE6Update designed to build awareness through channels they're accustomed to. It isn't right for every audience, and for many, it should be considered a last resort.

I know we'll probably never agree on this, but regardless, thanks for speaking up and sharing your thoughts. :D

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