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A A -- we did have opencandy in miro 2.0 (we are always looking for ways to support the project so that we can keep building miro) but we had enough complaints and concerns about the way the software worked that we have removed it. so there is no trace of opencandy in miro 2.5, the current version

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Dry-- miro 2.5 is much faster to launch that miro 2.0 (the first time you run it, it may take a while to upgrade, but the second time it should be much faster).

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The 'not enough disk space' bug should be fixed now-- if you are one of the people that have had this problem, please download again from and let us know if that works or not! Sorry for the problem!

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Latif-- you can still see 'new' (which is now called 'unwatched') items by selecting that tab in the video or audio tab.

Tamori-- we may make the whole library selectable at some point, but we found that as we add better audio support, it was much easier for people to use the software with audio and video separated, since they tend to be very different types of use. I think we'd like to let you open and close the 'Library' tab to reveal the sub-sections of view the whole, but this is a bit of project so may take some time.

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James-- OpenCandy is a service that we have been experimenting with to earn some revenue to support Miro development. They've had heard the complaints about privacy and I think have moved in the right direction, but we are currently re-evaluating our relationship and may make some changes shortly. I completely understand your concerns and I think you are asking the right questions, issues that we are also concerned about. Finding the right types of revenue opportunities that let us continue our work, but don't conflict with our mission is a challenge, and we're always trying to do better.

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The worst things that probably could happen are: Miro could forget all the feeds that you are subscribed to, it could refuse to open (to fix, you would just have to delete the database file and then it would start over again), or it potentially could delete some videos that you have in your Miro folder. We haven't seen these problems recently, so it's hypothetical, but that's why we're testing!

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jeff-- have you reported your crashes? we've generally found miro 2.0 to be stable on most configurations, but we're always looking to fix any crashes that are out there.