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Thanks! I'll look into writing one in the future, brand pages are a good topic that needs be explored.

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Thanks Veronica!

Google lets brands create pages now and they have essentially the same features (commenting, sharing photos, analytics) as Facebook right now. Except for the billion users. So are you just waiting for the masses to hop on G+?

Google is now forcing all new Gmail/Youtube and other products to create a G+ account, so many more users are going to be signing up if they want to or not. Will they be active? Probably not, but that doesn't matter if you can get them to have your brand in their circle since you can influence what they see in search results.

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I think anyone can do it, it is just a matter of how fast can you get into the habit.

If you are more productive in the morning than night and go to bed earlier then wake up in the morning and wake that's a productivity net gain.

Even if it takes you a month and you just slowly get up earlier, that's really good. I tried to do this a couple months before I fully got into the habit and I failed because it was such a drastic change.

Thanks for the comment and let me know if you decide to take it up!

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I use Intense Debate on all my blogs and it rocks.

You can also set up Facebook Connect super easily and Twitter connect with a few clicks. (Also OpenID!)

There are also some neat other plugins you can activate with a click to allow seismic commenting or Youtube videos.

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Thank you for your several comments. Lots of conversation was exactly what I was going for when I wrote this post.

I guess I worded what I was trying to say incorrectly. I meant to say that in my opinion, religion kills.

Iraqi War. Suppoerts of al-Qaeda were led by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and killed unveiled women, journalists and teachers. Not only that but they set off bombs in Christian churches in Iraq. Also, they shot or killed Christians who sold or made alcohol. Zargawi gave a few reasons in a letter to Osama bin Laden as to why they were caused evil and murderous acts towards fellow Muslims.

Shia death squads would/do wear police uniforms and killing/torturing random members of the Sunni Arab faith.

Another thing I can compare religion to is racism. Buddhists and Muslim Sri Lankans blamed the Christmas celebrations of 2004 for the immediately following the massive tsunami. Jews have lice in their beard and try to get the blood of Christian kids to add flavor to food they eat in passover? Catholics apparently have too many children?

I understand not every single person who is religious is involved in death squads killing people who have any resemblance to another faith, or diss people of other faiths or bomb churches. But it does exist and happen.

(Note: some of what I written is from various books I have read, from BOTH sides. Religious books and non Religious books )

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I'm not quoting the bible, I'm basing my comment off Steve's comment where he explained that someone would be more willing to help you if you develop a relationship with them, rather than just meeting them.

Just wanted to point that out ;)

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For me this sounds hard to imagine, probably just like anyone because we can't imagine anything with no beginning.

We can imagine something lasting for infinitely, like numbers, which will go on forever. But not always existing. And for me, I don't feel I should believe in something unless I fully understand it.

Another part of religion that bothers me is that most of what people believe is from a single book, the Bible.

And correct if I'm wrong: But wasn't the bible written by humans? Not God or Jesus. And it seems several different variations of stories are told in bible, which confuses me even more.

Why isn't there any writing about dinosaurs or animals existing before humans?

By the way - the commenting system is a 3rd party plugin called IntenseDebate (not the default Wordpress system) and should work in all browsers and systems... I'll try in a few different browsers and write them an email if it doesn't work. Thanks for pointing that out.

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"if someone is a true friend, then you would want to talk to them on a regular basis - to tell them about your day, ask how to handle a situation, or just say thanks for something they did for you. So prayer is my way to stay close to my best friend - God. "

Makes total sense if your dealing with a friend. But God should respect you for who you are and what you've done. He should also be able to forgive for anything.

So if I go to Heaven he should respect me just as much as anyone else whose been praying for their entire life because he treats everyone equally.

Right? To me praying seems pointless because if I'm looking for moral support, I can get that from friends and family.

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If you think about it though.

I say:

If people love something so much that they will die to support it, it must be worthwhile, but I just don't find it useful in anyway at all.

I don't believe there is any god. However an agnostic (someone who doesn't know if they believe in god or not, undecided) told me that he hopes there is a god, because if there is, then thats awesome. I mean then you'll get another life.

Still, we shouldn't waste our life preparing for another life, if there is another life anyway. Just life it up yourself and if you need support or help, use your own moral support or get a friend/family member.

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Bell is the worst for customer service. I could name a few other osscaisions, but you gave me one with Rogers, so maybe another blogs post.

I find it extremely rude and unprofessional that they would say that they're closing and to hang up on them. I went into Bell once to ask about their cell phone plans and they asked me if I was over 18.


It just pisses me off. I helped myself to learning what the plans were, but I had already made my decision not to go with them.