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Tavi is very lucky to have four awesome grandmas! I love the picture!

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My son HATES baby wearing. I tried two and had to stop at those because it's too darn expensive to buy and buy until I find one he likes. He is also 20 pounds and not even 4 months old yet and carrying him around in the car seat carrier thing isn't going to work with my fierce case of carpal tunnel. So a stroller it is for me. I didn't plan on one, but sometimes we don't have a choice.

I'm still trying to get him to like being worn. *crosses fingers*

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Losing a baby before or after the safe zone is tough. I miscarried my 2nd child around 12 weeks and am still heartbroken. My first and third made it safely into this world, but I will never forget the second.

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I learned to always listen to my instincts, it saved me and my son this past November! Congratulations on your beautiful and perfect little girl!

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I have yet to find anything my little guy can't fling off his feet in seconds!

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Such a great story! After having my first child at 21 I was suddenly having problems with my periods. I saw three doctors and they said I had PCOS and would never get pregnant again. 16 years later I became pregnant and was told the fetus would never survive because of the PCOS, diabetes, celiac and the alignment of the planets. Now I am sitting here with my two and a half month old son who is super healthy and happy. Hah!

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The first thing my son heard from the assisting doctor once he was pulled from my womb was "Oh he's going to be a linebacker!"


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The $7 baby hammock from Babies R Us that fits in the sink has been a pretty good buy. Ben loves baths and the hammock makes him stay put while I bathe him. Bath time from the start has been great. It's the getting dressed part afterwards that makes him cry like crazy!

I bought a lot of 0-6 month toys and so far Ben has enjoyed looking at the stuff on the walls more than paying attention to the toys.

I think my favorite piece of baby gear has been my Diaper Dude diaper bag. It holds everything I need and I no longer bother with a purse, so my wallet fits perfectly.

I have some hand me down things as well and a few of Ben's towels are flowery and pink, but he doesn't care either.

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My little guy wiggles too much during diaper changes for his, they never stay clean!